J.D. Power Consumer Satisfaction Rating report: Apple Watch wins against Samsung Gear

The global authorized consumer research institute J.D. Power released a latest report of Consumer Satisfaction Rating concerning wearable device on Tuesday. Apple Watch ranked top 1 with 852 scores which becomes the most Consumer satisfying wearable device. Samsung Gear ranked second.


It is said that the wearable Consumer Satisfaction Rating report aimed at the research of 2,696 consumers who purchased wearable device from June, 2015 to June, 2016. The Standard for Evaluation involved in usability, battery life, comfort level, mobile connection performance,price, durability, size of screen, appearance design, reliability, applied ecosystem and consumer service.

J.D. Power set 1,000 scores as total rating points. Apple Watch took the crown with 852 scores, followed with Samsung 842 and Sony 840.

J.D. Power pointed out Apple Watch is doing beter than other wearable devices in comfort level, appearance design and usability. While Samsung Gear has advantages in consumer service, size of screen and mobile connection performance.

19% of interviewees claimed that they encountered problems when using wearable devices. The most common issues focus on charging problem and user personal setting.

In terms of fitness wearable device, Samsung got 859 scores, ranking on the top, and Garmin got 836 scores, ranking second.

It is worth noting that Pebble did not list in the research by J.D. Power. Besides J.D.Power, Wristly also did the similar researches on wearable devices. The research result of consumer satisfaction rating made by Wristly was 97%, which quoted by Tim Cook at Apple new release conference.

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