Some Alphabet subsidiaries will come back to China


As reported, Google’s co founder Sergey Brin implied some subsidiaries of Alphabet have independence to go back to Chinese market after the parent firm has been recombined.

Brin is working as the CEO of Alphabet and director of Google X. Brin stated in a event concerns Project Loon:” even though there are difficulties for our exploration in Chinese market and Google withdrew from mainland China, we built some business sections in Chinese market.”

He indicated that each subsidiary of Alphabet has autonomous rights to design where to it would start its business. Google did not offer service in mainland China right now, but it delivers selling ads to Chinese enterprises.

Wall Street Journal reported last month that Google was working with the related Chinese departments, considering to launch Android app stores in mainland China.

Google withdrew Chinese mainland market in 2010, transferring its Search service to Hong Kong. Brin managed some Google operational business at that time. Brin quit the optional business in recent years. After the company finished its reorganization, it appointed Sundar Pichai as Google’s CEO. Pichai is practical and he has great interest in starting business in China mainland.

Google was regrouped as Alphabet holding company this August. After the company reorganization, Search, YouTube, and Android were regrouped as new Google. Nest , Fiber, life science, self-driving and drone business are split from its prime operating business.

It will be able to establish business with more telecom operators for Project Loon events after the company has been regrouped. China is one of the countries has interest in expanding its Internet overage by Project Loon.

Mesosphere denied Microsoft’s acquisition because low price

According to the news from The Information, Microsoft plans to take over Mesosphere at $150 million, but Mesosphere denied its offer.


There were rumors concerned Microsoft would take over Mesosphere since this summer. It is said that Microsoft has great interest in its high efficient technology of management of data center.

Outwardly, the reason that Mesosphere denied Microsoft’s offer was Mesosphere asked a price of $200 million, while Microsoft offered at $150 million.

Even though they did not come to an acquisition deal, their technical cooperation will continue. They will integrate DCOS products of Mesosphere data center to Microsoft’s Azure.

DCOS is enterprise edition that offers free open resource for Mesos. This edition is applied by developers.

Mesosphere’s founder, Ben Hindman created the Mesos system when he studied in UC Berkeley. Mesos was once introduced to Twitter by Ben Hindman and its other co founders. Then Florian Leibert introduced it to Airbnb.

Mesosphere’s growth is contributed to the development software containers. Software containers is a popular soft of technology welcome by developers. It could help developers to edit their programs. Once the programs are written, they will be run in any server architecture.

The most valuable software containers is made by Docker, valuing at $ 1 billion. But Mesosphere’s product can manage and repair those large-scale software containers. Their products are compatible with Mircosoft’s need.

Until now, Mesosphere finished its third round financing at $ 49 million. Its investors include Khosla Ventures, Andreessen Harowitz, Data Collective and other important ventures. The Information also revealed that Mesosphere is working on another financing. However, Microsoft and Mesosphere did not response to the above news yet.

Wal-mart will deliver goods with drones to compete with Amazon

Using drones to deliver goods is a common topic nowadays.Amazon has been testing delivering goods with drones. According to the latest news, Wal-mart will be also on trail to use drones to deliver goods from the supermarket to consumers’ parking lots or nearby residents.


Wal-mart announced on Monday that it had already submitted the application of using commercial drones to US FAA.

The US government banned the application of commercial drones based on its law. Any one who wants to use commercial drones needs to submit the application to US FAA. Then the US FAA allows them to apply the drones as the exceptional cases.

Wal-mart plans to use commercial drones to monitor its supermarket buildings and warehouses besides delivering goods.

Dan Toporek, the spokesman of Wal-mart claimed on Monday that the company wished to build a en efficient supply chain by the application of commercial drones. Wal-mart will enhance the drones delivery system with outdoor tests and find out the convenient delivery service for consumers.

He implied that the company is ready for the test. Once the government approved their application, the company will be able to begin the outdoor tests.

US FAA has approved 2,020 events for application of commercial drones, including aerial photography, gas pipeline monitoring and agricultural monitoring.

It will enhance consumers’ satisfaction level if using the drones to deliver goods. But there were reports concerned accidents caused by drones. It may not be easy to have this plan realized.

Amazon tested with Tribune Publishing to deliver parcels

It is reported that Amazon worked on a short-lived test this fall, delivering parcels with Tribune Publishing’s newspaper trucks on the way.


You might be able to receive your Amazon parcels in the morning besides coffee, doughnut and newspaper in the future.

According to the confirmed resource, Amazon worked with Chicago’s Tribune Publishing to do this test. The test lasted for one to two weeks and Amazon used the newspaper trucks of Tribune Publishing to send its parcels on the way.

Tribune Publishing is the publisher of the Chicago Tribune and Los Angeles Times. The taxation issues in related to newspaper deliverers stopped Tribune Publishing to go on delivering parcels for Amazon. In Chicago, the drivers of Tribune Publishing also deliver other publications besides the Chicago Tribune.

Amazon has plans to work with other publishers to test the similar business. Even though fewer people subscribe newspapers in the recent years, the newspaper delivery trucks drive across every corners in the city. It is convenient to deliver Amazon parcels for users.

In last year, Amazon was in attempt to send parcels with taxi and Uber taxi. Recently, it launched another delivery mean named Flex to deliver parcels by using the private cars of contract workers.

If those measures work, they will help Amazon to reduce the delivery expense. The freight of its first half year for Amazon is $4.6 billion, increasing by 28% compared with the same time in last year.

There are intense competitions between one-day delivery and one-hour delivery. For example, Uber and Deliv work with retailers to realize rush delivery.

It is unclear how Amazon operate such kind of delivery service, for instance, how the delivery men collect parcels.

Apple will set up the 24th retail store on Saturday in China


Tim Cook, CEO of Apple claimed that the firm will set up the 24th retail store on Saturday to strengthen its marketing business in China, reported on October 20.

Chinese market is Apple’s biggest business market out of US at present. Chinese market has a great impact on Apple’s business performance in its global business.

Apple released its new generation of iPhone in September and it made a new record of selling 13 million units for the first weekend. Among its release countries, China made a great contribution to such large sales.

Cook stated at a conference help by Wall Street on Monday evening,( EST), the Apple retail stores in China make important roles in recommending Apple products and guiding their application for Chinese consumers.

He said the Chinese Apple consumers are young, eager to attend related courses and seminars. Its retail stores make great contribution to forward Apple’s products and firm culture. Cook did not confirm which city it will set up the new retail store yet.

Apple will launch its new quarter fiscal report next week. Its last fiscal report till June 60, showing the revenue of Chinese sales accounts for 27% of its total revenue.

There will be 40 retail stores for Apple products in China till the middle of 2016. Apple firm appointed Angela Ahrendts, CEO of Burberry as its retail business executive. Cook appreciates Ahrendts’s talent in Chinese retail business.

Besides developing retail business in China, it also introduced music streaming service in China. Apple Music was released in June 30, and was brought in Chinese market last month.

Uber expands taxi business into Scottish cities

Uber has great ambitious to expand its business around the country as it set branches for taxi service in the Scottish cities.


It has recruited drivers in Glasgow and Edinburgh. Uber, the app-based cab firm has taken the operations into effect in Glasgow from 4 pm on October 16.

Max Lines, head of Uber Glasgow said there were excited for the expansion of taxi service in Glasgow. It was the first city to operate Uber business in Scotland and the biggest UK launch till now.

The company also has plan to set branch in Edinburgh in the near future. However, the launch date in Edinburgh is not confirmed yet as there are still a great of preparations need to be done. It will be great if Uber firm has it realized in the next two months.

Uber will expand its taxi service in many Scottish cities in a year, its capital is included, reported The Scotsman.

Uber firm was involved in a long-running dispute with License Taxi Drivers Associations in England. It used the smartphone app to determine fares which is equal to the ones that use a taxi metre. Such app is banned in private cars.

The expansion of taxi service for Uber will bring competition among Glasgow cabbies. There might be agreements made among them.

The revenue of iOS app runs ahead of Android’s

The debates concern Android app and iOS app has lasted for a long time. According to the the figures from App Annie, indicating the download volume of Android is in the leading position, but iOS has much advantage concerns its revenue.

The downloads for Android app increased from 85% in the second season to 90% in the third season in India and Southeast markets. But the low-end phones did not make much contribution to Android app’s revenue. While the iOS app’s revenue increased from 70% in the second season to 80% in the third season. Please see the attached for reference.


Apparently, China becomes the most important market for iOS app. At present, the downloads in China has run ahead of American downloads. Therefore, the iOS app’s revenue in China is increased due to this factor.

The most popular iOS application classes in America come as social network application, photos&video application, tool and gaming application( according to time-based application).

To developers, they might be happier to launch apps for iOS platform the application revenue comes better and working condition is relatively healthier.

The iOS app seems hard to run ahead of Android’s downloads due to the well-know reasons. More measures and efforts need to be do to compete with its rival.


Amazon collects feedback each day to improve workplace condition

To improve the workplace environment for its employees, Amazon has carried out a new event, collecting feedback from employees each day, reports The Bloomberg.


The worse working treatment among Amazon’s storage center employees has been criticized. It surprises the public much when New York Times reported that its white collor employees also face worse working environment.

For instance, Amazon made compulsory redundancies policy, encouraging the employees restrain each other. However, Amazon firm and its CEO Jeff Bezos both denied this report.

Fortunately, Amazon seems taking measures to improve its employees’ workplace condition, concerning what aspects would make bad influences to its workplace condition. Amazon is enlarging the application scale of an inner system named Amazon Connections in order to gain feedback from each departments, reports The Bloomberg. It reported that this system ask employees questions each day to collect the feedback concerns employees’ job satisfaction, leadership competencies and training opportunities.

Not all of the feedback come up with anonymity. The human resources team will work on analzying the feedback so that they could learn more about the sources of feedback. But the management group only access to the reports that have been anonymous processed.

It is reported that Amazon Connections was built on the basis of its some system that collecting feedback from blue collor employees last year. It aims to improve Amazon’s workplace condition and enhance employees’ satisfaction.

The Wall Street Journal suffered hacker attack, losing readers data

Engadget reported on Friday that US The Wall Street Journal‘s backstage system suffered hacker attack, leading to a great many of information of subscribers and readers have been stolen.

It was not a good news to those existing readers of The Wall Street Journal.

William Lewis, the CEO of The Dow Jones &Company claimed that the backstage systems including Dow Jones & Company and The Wall Street Journal have been attacked by hackers, resulting in the reveal of readers’ data earlier this week.

Lewis claimed that they have found the evidence of hacker attack.

It reported that the purpose of this hacker attack is to gain the specific details of subscribers of The Wall Street Journal, such as full name, address, email address and other private details.

At the same time, Lewis indicated that about 3,500 subscribers’ credit card details have high risk to be stolen. However, they did not find out the prove to confirm this doubt.

Dow Jones & Company will send written notice to those subscribers whose have been stolen in this issue. In another word, if those subscribers do not receive a written notice from this company suggest their personal details are not being stolen.

Concerning to the hacker profile, Dow Jones & Company has not figure out yet.

In the past year, a great many of famous companies and News Media companies suffered attacks from hackers. Many of their customers’ credit card details have been leaked.

New York Times‘ Twitter account was being attacked early this year, and the hacker posted the news that US and Chinese Navy made war. United Press‘s Twitter account was being attacked as well.