Will Apple explore to AR field?

Pokémon Go becomes a popular mobile VR game. Tim Cook mentioned Pokémon Go at its Conference Call meeting as he may find its marketing potential in mobile game filed.


Pokémon Go, a AR mobile game, becomes the highest downloads and revenue at App Store. It sound funny that Tim Cook read Pokémon as “Pokey-man”| when he mentioned it at the meeting.

The popularity of Pokémon Go attracted Apple’s attention. Tim Cook described Pokémon Go as a phenomenon and unbelievable. He claimed that Apple would avail of AR technology to develop its business. Cook said:” We have already invested a great sum of money in AR field and will keep going. We think highly of AR technology and assume it could resonate with consumers and has great potential market.”

TechCrunch reported that Apple acquired an AR company named Metaio last year. So far, Apple seems to leave behind Alphabet in AR field. Niantic Labs, developer of Pokémon Go, was split off from Alphabet. Alphabet has been investing on Niantic Labs and it teamed up with Lenovo to launch a high-tech sensor Tango for smartphone. Alphabet has advantages in developing AR technology.

Though Apple has no desire to develop in AR field, it still benefits from Pokémon Go. It would get 30% of dividends from iPhone players of Pokémon Go. Laura Martin predicted it would benefit $3 billion from Pokémon Go in two years.

The earning reports that Apple released on Tuesday showed it got $ 6 billion in revenue from software business and services business. It stimulated Apple stock share increased by 6% after trading hours on Tuesday.

Apple Pay comes to France and Hong Kong

Apple Pay has been introduced to France and Hong Kong recently, reported CNET.


The French website of Apple Pay service showed, Apple Pay is available with MasterCard, VISA card and debit card issued by Carrefour Banque, Banque Populaire, Caisse Epargne and Ticket Resturant.

Those bank cards issued by the mentioned banks account for 25% of French overall circulation. What’s more, Boon and Orange will be in the supported list soon.

Many of French merchats supported Apple Pay. There are Bocage, Cojean, Eram, Sephora and Total compatible with Apple Pay besides App Store. It is said that Boulanger and Galeries Lafayette will cooperate with Apple Pay soon. The French consumers will be able soon to add scorecard into Apple Wallet function. Apple Wallet will calculate the consumption points when consumers shop with Apple Pay.

In Hong Kong, Apple Pay is supported by American Express, VISA card and MasterCard issued by HSBC, Bank of China(Hong Kong), HSB, DBS, and SCB. BEA and Hong Kong Telecom will join the list soon.

There are over 60 merchats instantly for Apple Pay, including 7-11, Wanning, Wellcome, Jasons Food and Living, SaSa and Pizza Hut. The applications that support Apple Pay include Homeaway, Cathay Pacific Mobile, SnapTee, Deliveroo, RedSol, Klook, HBX, Foodpanda and Casetify.

Hong Kong and France is the second and third market that Apple explored this month. In the beginning of this month, Apple Pay was introduced to Switzerland.

Apple Pay is accepted by banks and retail stores in United States. It is available on top four credit cards there. With the development of Samsung Pay and Android Pay, Apple Pay is seeking for more oversea markets.

Apple announced that it would explore three more markets for Apple Pay this summer at WWDC, Hong Kong is the third market. So far, Apple Pay is available in United States, UK, Canada, Australia, China and Singapore.

In addition, Apple Pay will be applied on Mac computer. At WWDC, Apple displayed Mac users could shop online through Safari browser.

J.D. Power Consumer Satisfaction Rating report: Apple Watch wins against Samsung Gear

The global authorized consumer research institute J.D. Power released a latest report of Consumer Satisfaction Rating concerning wearable device on Tuesday. Apple Watch ranked top 1 with 852 scores which becomes the most Consumer satisfying wearable device. Samsung Gear ranked second.


It is said that the wearable Consumer Satisfaction Rating report aimed at the research of 2,696 consumers who purchased wearable device from June, 2015 to June, 2016. The Standard for Evaluation involved in usability, battery life, comfort level, mobile connection performance,price, durability, size of screen, appearance design, reliability, applied ecosystem and consumer service.

J.D. Power set 1,000 scores as total rating points. Apple Watch took the crown with 852 scores, followed with Samsung 842 and Sony 840.

J.D. Power pointed out Apple Watch is doing beter than other wearable devices in comfort level, appearance design and usability. While Samsung Gear has advantages in consumer service, size of screen and mobile connection performance.

19% of interviewees claimed that they encountered problems when using wearable devices. The most common issues focus on charging problem and user personal setting.

In terms of fitness wearable device, Samsung got 859 scores, ranking on the top, and Garmin got 836 scores, ranking second.

It is worth noting that Pebble did not list in the research by J.D. Power. Besides J.D.Power, Wristly also did the similar researches on wearable devices. The research result of consumer satisfaction rating made by Wristly was 97%, which quoted by Tim Cook at Apple new release conference.

Microsoft updates Xbox Play Anywhere feature

Microsoft will update Play Anywhere feature for its game players. The players will be able to obtain games for both Xbox One and Windows 10 version at the same time. Microsoft confirmed that this new feature will be debuted on September 13.

At the E3 gaming exhibition which was held last month, Microsoft introduced the Play Anywhere feature to its fans. Play Anywhere could realize sync games progress and achievement among cross-platforms. In addition, the DLC, props and season tickets users bought for games could be available for Play Anywhere as well.

The new feature requires players run Windows 10 update on their PC. Microsoft will release a Windows 10 update on August 2. While Xbox One is to install the summer update. Play Anywhere only supports digital games.

Though Microsoft listed the games whichare compatible with Play Anywhere, it did not mention when this service is released. It just confirmed that update date.

“In this summer, we will do the annual update for Windows 10 system and related updates for Xbox in order that Windows Store and Xbox One support Xbox Play Anywhere games,” said a Microsoft spokesman.

If users purchase the digital games which are compatible with Xbox Play Anywhere feature, they could play the games both on Xbox One and Windows 10 PC at the same time. The game progress and achievement are the same and able to be shared.