Will the major record labels plan to boycott YouTube?

YouTube could be the first option for many fans to look for their favorite artist latest video, but this situation might be changed soon. There are more rival platforms working on obtaining more members.


New York Post reported that Record labels have plans to un-shelve their clips from Google-owned network as the YouTube is not making enough profit from the network.

It is said that Universal, Sony and Warner Bros make preparations to boycott the Record labels as they could like to support the rival platforms like Vessel and Snapchat.

In terms of the world’s largest streaming service Spotify, Google is confident that the business pattern of free content could be the best way to persuade the consumers to spend money on it as a long-range planning.

It was suggested from the previously reports that Spotify has pressure from the music industry to give up the free option business pattern, but the Spotify company is insisting on its initiative.

Google also has plans to offer a high-quality music service to the consumers. It is called YouTube Music Key. It will be launched in beta in November. You could also search the video of YouTube the Music Key from the internet. There will be more detailed news concerning this service in the near future.

Tinder For Travelers- a new dating app for holiday

miss travel

Would you like to travel with a complete stranger? A new dating app is made to help lonely travelers to enjoy their vacation like that.


Miss Travel has launched Tinder for travelers app for iOS and Android devices. This app can be applied to look for travel partners, a tour guide to show you around a specific place or used as a dating app due to personal demand.

To use this app, men have to pay subscription fees for a membership, while women can sign up for free. You can learn more about the idea of gender balance on this app.

It offers safeguards to make sure your trip is safe in case of any dangers encountering as the Miss travel could make the users’ background check for the traveling partners.

The found and CEO of Miss Travel Brandon Wade stated it would provide you a well-arranged trip with this app. No one hopes there are unexpected things happened during the trip.

Miss Travel is the travel agent of love. It helps to connect people who wants to share life experience and have willingness to find the right one during the trip. You will never travel alone with Miss Travel with you.

This Miss Travel app can be accessed on Google Play, and the App Store.

You don’t need a Google+ account for YouTube any more

Dating back to late 2013, Google made a great stir as it forced YouTube users to join Google+ to upload videos or to make comments.

Maybe the YouTube company has realized that grouping its services under one roof did not work well, so the company informed that YouTube users will have access to its service with a Google account in a few months.


Bradley Horowitz wrote in a blog post that: “they were told by lots of people that accessing Google services with only one account will make things easier for them.”

He added: “they were informed that it makes no sense for users Google+ profile to be their identity in all other Google products they use.”

Therefore, you will be able to share things and communicate with others or even create a YouTube channel with the Google account in the upcoming months.

YouTube will offer the option soon to separate users’ accounts and delete their Google+ profile for those who don’t want a Google+ profile in the first place.

YouTube is just one of the service to separate from Google+, and its company has plans to separate other products from it as well.

China calls off video game consoles ban after 15 years


China issued ban to stop selling video game consoles 15 years ago. Now this ban has been called off due to the market demands.

A new statement comes from China’s Ministry of Culture indicated that the companies from now on can launch and sell consoles across the country.

As far as concerned, Sony and Microsoft have confirmed that they could produce consoles in a new manufacturing zone somewhere in Shanghai with their Chinese partners.

Sony spokesperson Sousuke Kamei stated on Sky News that the company is happy for this new change. And they could make new challenge for this move.

He added, the company will produce more funny and exciting console gaming experiences to the Chinese users as possible as they could. China has a great amount of population. It could help those companies that launching console games to enlarge their market shares.

The sales ban of video game consoles was made date back to 2000. It was aiming to protect the children from wasting their time playing too much video games instead of studying school classes.

This ban was lifted for a while in early 2014. It gave the hope to consumers that PlayStation 4 and Xbox one would come to China market. Please keep your eyes close to this news if you are interested in it.

Shell and PayPal joined Fill Up and Go that allowing you to pay for fuel on phone

With the new function of paying fuel on phone, you don’t have to head into the crowded petrol station shops. Good news comes from Shell and Paypal that joining forces so that they provide you chance to pay for petrol on phone.

You can save some time by using this Fill Up and Go service. You don’t need to wait in the queues for the payment. You can sit in the car and use your phone to pay it.


To use this new service, you need to download the Shell Motorist app. And this app is available for iOS and Android services. You can choose the maximum amount to fill by using this service and use an on-pump QR code to pre-authorised the sale.

It is a bit different from Apple Pay as it needs to authorize. But this service is better than the traditional cash transactions. You don’t have to stop for a long time to pay the petrol. You can start your journey soon after you fill the fuel by using the Fill Up and Go service.

So far, the transactions are only made via PayPal and the Fill Up and the Shell Motorist app requires a 5-digit code to keep your account safe.

According to Paypal’s Director of Mobile Commerce in UK, the payments can be done quickly by using this service and it is available for all iOS and Android users as long as they have the app.

He added: “it is important that the service is available to all of the people regardless of particular phone.”

The Fill Up and Go service has been employed to all Shell garages around the country from July 23 after a three-month trail.

Xbox console increases sales and revenue for latest financial quarter

There was related news revealing Microsoft’s quarterly loss. However, the company could not blame Xbox division for its quarterly loss.

There are signs of improvement on Microsoft’s gaming products. The sales and revenue with Xbox one and Xbox 360 console together reach 1.4million for the latest financial quarter. The sales and revenue for gaming products for the same time last year was 1.1 million.


The company sold 11.7 million for the entire fiscal year last year, and this year the company would try all attempts to sell 12.1 Xbox consoles for the whole fiscal year, such as price cuts and promotions.

In addition to this, there was strong growth in first-party game sales and digital transactions that contributing to Xbox Live revenue grew by $205 million, and Xbox platform revenue grew by $86 million. Xbox platform revenue increased by 10 %,

Bad news for Microsoft, there was a great cut in the quarterly figures for its $7.6bn acquisition of Nokia, and the company reported it suffer $2.1bn loss for this sector.

The company work hard to make Xbox division growth of revenue as it introduces backwards compatibility for Xbox one. It is also working on first-party games, Forza 6, Halo 5, Guardians and Fable Legends for instance.

US Drone owners may get fine for flying near fire scenes and obstructing helicopters

It happened in the US that the Helicopters dropping water on a forest fire were grounded for 15 to 20 minutes due to drones.

There were five drones found possibly videoing the wildfire when the firefighters were handling with a wildfire in San Bernadino county over the weekend.

san-bernardino-fireBecause of the helicopters could not fly safety to the fire scenes to drop water to put out the fire as the drones obstructing, the US Forest Service reported a warming concerning flying drones over fires.

If the drones hit the helicopters, it may cause the aircraft damage or human injuries, or even worse, cause helicopters to crash in the air.

During the interview of CNN: “the San Bernadino fire department made blames on the drone owners. The drones caused great loss on this issue. The helicopters can lead to another water drop cycle with 15 to 20 minutes. If so, it could offer a safer environment to put out the wildfire, and better protect the citizens from threatening their lives in the fire.”

FAA carries out the temporary fight restrictions over disaster areas. If drones are found in those areas during the accidents, the drone owners will be at a risk of $25,000 fine. There is not confirmed news that government will investigate the drones found in San Bernadino.

The fire damaged more than 4.250 acres of forest and engulfed Interstate 15 that links to Los Angles and Las Vegas.

An Interstate 15 incident report implied that the incident commanders have to make way to drones when they were into a fire area. The air operations and ground aircraft could not work until the drones leave from this area.

Marshall is to step into smartphone business with the loudest mobile phone we’ve ever met

Marshall is famous for its guitar amplifiers, speaker cabinets and headphones. Recently, Marshall is going to enlarge its business by entering into smartphone business.

This android device is named the London and its mainly feature is the loudness of sound. The device is designed with two front-facing speakers and a hifi-grade sound card.


Marshall implied that this smartphone will be the loudest mobile phone we have ever met. With this smartphone, you don’t need headphones to listen to music.

In addition to this feature, it also has two stereo jacks with individual volume controls. It operates like its ” M-Button”feature on the top of the smartphone that allows users one-click access to their tunes. It is convenient to use.

Konrad Bergstrom, the owners of Marshall said their goal for products is always aiming at better and bigger ones.

He added: “as there was no smartphone on the market for music on the main stage, they create one to give customers the best experience.”

“There is potential market for such device by surveying on the market. There are demands for music device. And they promise Marshall London will be a new an excellent device that you have never met for enjoying music.”

Its other features include a global equalizer to set a universal sound profile for the phone, and it allows the users to record music, reduce the noise and it also has an app to pre-installed DJ.

Some details for this device: the device has a 4.7 display, 2GB of memory, 16GB of storage, a micorSD card, a removable 2500mAh battery, an 8-megapixel rear-facing camera and 2-megapixel selfie shooter.

Marshall London is said to be delivered to 22 countries between August and mid-September. The smartphone comes with a pair of Monitor headphones. If you are interested in this device, please pay close attention to its release.

Apple updates iPod touch with advanced camera and the iPhone’s processor

Apple made another big success by launching a new line of iPods. The new iPod is updated the iPod touch with improved cameras and a faster processor.Apple Watch maker supports with new nano and iPod shuffle colors to long-overlooked iPod line.

The update iPod with touchscreen-bragging makes it closer to the iPhone siblings, the new version of iPod touch comes with the same A8 processor as iPhone 6 does.

This new feature allows a graphic performance 10 times faster than its previous version that the iPod-based gaming could play better.

The iPhone’s M8 that enables detailed fitness and activity feedback can be seen in the new iPod, coming with an 8-megapixed primary iSight camera and a backup FaceTime HD camera in the front.

Users can buy the new iPod touch at the moment. And they can choose the storage from three options, 16GB, 32 GB,64GB.

Users can access the world music to Apple Music, the App Store, and iOS and the world’s most advanced mobile operating system on iPod. And it offers at reasonable price.

Users can also experience next-level gameplay, take beautiful photos and enjoy favorite music and shows on iPod with the A8 chip and the 8 megapixed iSight camera.

It revealed there are more colors of iPod offered this week. Users can get grey, silver,gold, pink and blue ones.111111jpg

Nokia plans to get smartphone business back through brand-licensing

Lately, Nokia’s CEO Rajeev Suri expressed the company’s great willingness to get back into smartphone business again in 2016.

The Finnish Firm confirmed its plans by official announcement to avoid any confusion by the public, however, the company management group also admits that it is a complicated process to get its smartphone business back.

The previous news reported that Nokia only intends to get back its smartphone sector through brand-licensing. In this situation, the company or its partnership will be responsible for all of the producing, sales, marketing and tech support for the products.

The company added: ” if the company could find a high-reputation partner who can in charge of those responsibilities, the company give its design ideas and technology support like they did with the Nokia N1 Android tablet.”

In April 2014, Nokia sold its Devices and Services business to Microsoft company. Thus, it is no longer has manufacturing, marketing and channel distribution capabilities to sell smartphone.

Nokia company indicated in a statement that they will find the right partner who has the ability to carry out the related business process and team up with the company to launch great product.

As the company made agreement with Microsoft, its soonest plan could happen will be Q4 2016. So Nokia won’t have smartphone launched before Q4 2016.