May Samsung sell its PC business to Lenovo?

TheBell reported that Samsung is busy in spliting off business which makes less profit and negotiating with Lenovo for selling its PC section.


It is reported that the negotiation does not envolve in any financial consultants.Paul Hastings and Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer are the legal advisers respectively for Samsung Electronics and Lenovo. The selling price of Samsung PC section may reach $ 850 million.

The confirmed source showed that the negotiation between Samsung and Lenovo has been discussing for months. Before Samsung split off PC section, it sold its printer business to HP for $1.05 billion in September. The merging of Samsung Printer business and HP Printer business will be accomplished by the second half of 2017. HP is the world biggest printer manufacturer and second biggest PC manufacturer.

An anonymous ex Samsung officer said:” Taking the commercial relation between PC and Printer business into consideration, Samsung may consider quiting PC market after selling its printer business.”

IDC and Gartner released the global PC shipment reports in Q3 last month. HP gained some vitality in Q3, but it was still weaker than Lenovo. The good news was that their market share gap was less than 1%.

IDC report showed that the global PC shipment quantities in Q3 were 68 million, declined by 3.9% yoy. HP PC shipment quantities in Q2 increased by 3.3% yoy, up to 14.4 million units. Its market share increased from 19.7% to 21.2%. Lenovo PC shipment quantities in Q3 declined by 3.2% yoy, down to 14.5 million units.

Gartner pointed out Lenovo, Apple and Acer pc shipment quantities all declined in Q3 among 6 biggest world PC manufacturers in accordance with shipment quantities. Lenovo shipped 14.43 million units in Q3, declined by 2.4% yoy. While its market share was 20.9%, increased by 20.2% yoy. HP shipped 14.058 million PC units in Q3, increased by 2.3% yoy. Its market share of Q316 was 20.4%, while it was 18.8% in Q315.

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