Google’s smart contact lens will be on the market soon


44The evidence shows that Google might be looking for a suitable launching date for its smart contact lens due to the packaging design for the product have come to the public.

From its web giant it suggested the smart contact lens will be on the market in five years, but its recent patent filing indicate it will come to the public sooner.

This smart contact lens is developed by the Google X division, and the contact lens can analyze the user’s tear to monitor their glucose levels so that they could help the users to keep close attentions to their health conditions like Diabetes.

There are reports showing that Google has talked with the US Food and Drug Administration concerning the trials for the device soon after.

At the same time, the search engine firm is also working on launching a health-monitoring wearable device for the medical field. If it works, it will allow the doctors to measure the patient’s pulse, heart rhythm, skin temperature and environment data.

But Google doesn’t give the public a clear confirmation about its exactly launching plans for the smart contact lens. Please keep close attention to its news if you are interested

Google launches health-monitoring wearable to cater to public needs


Googooglegle is working on to launch another wearable device at the moment. But the new wearable doesn’t seem to go up against the Apple Watch. This new one has different function for users. It is proposed to use in health monitoring.

According to head of the firm’s life sciences division Andy Conrad’s confirmation, they are going to develop a health-monitoring watch strap assembled towards the medical sector.

Reported by Bloomberg, this new wearable can be used to patients for treatments and used by the researchers to collect statistics in medical trials. The doctors can observe the changing of the statistics when available. And the doctors can also analyze the data collected by the wearable to give the patients proper treatments.

News from in development at the Google X division, this amazing wearable can measure pulse, heart rhythm, skin temperature and environment data.

The watch strap will collect information constantly to provide a real-time data of the patient’s health condition for the health professionals.

Google has plan to make trials of the device within the medical and pharmaceutical industries this summer. After then, the wearable may be promoting to health professionals in Europe and the United States.







Peter Tonstad was the second CEO left Tidal in two months


Tidal, Jay’s streaming site has loosen its second CEO in two months. The reason why Peter Tonstad leaves is unknown yet.

According to The Wrap, Peter Tonstad beat Andy Chen in April but he did not stay long in his post as he has now left the company himself.

The company statement said that they appreciated for Peter as their occasional CEO and they wish him great success in the future.

In its statement, it implied that Tidal will be into a permanent CEO as they have strategic plan to create a leading platform. The company will continue to use the current executives in New York and Oslo and those management leaders will help the company to rapidly develop innovation and propose initiatives until the company find the new CEO on duty.

The company made apologies last week for messing up Madonna’s new music video- ‘Bitch I’m Madonna’ concerning her world first show.

The problem came while it played three minutes into the visual when the video crashed the application it was playing on.

Madonna is very popular singer. She even was the one of many signatories to the fist ever artist-owned streaming site.

It was reported that Jay Z spent $56 million to buy Tidal in January. Tidal has been hit by social opinions. It shut down its Stockholm offices and divided ways into two CEO in the past few months.

Amazon might starting using public transportation to deliver goods

The research shows Amazon’s shipping costs is a great amount of money which causing its bank balance. Therefore, the online retailer is finding new solutions to cut down the expense in delivery.

News confirmed from the Wall Street Journey, the Amazon company start considering to use the public transportation to deliver the goods for its customers. By using these solutions, the company hope to cut down the financial expense.


The solution is named ” on my way”. The delivered workers can collect the package information by using a mobile app and pick up them at the local retailer stores. It is not necessary to send my post or air post if there are stores where it is close to the customers. And it can shorten the delivery time and expense at the same time.

In the US, the customers consider the service as very important. So Amazon would have to get some couriers on their posts to beat the per parcel UPS charges at average $8 and aim to deliver around 3.5 million Amazon packages around United States each day. This sounds challenging.

There is no exactly regulation would take when a courier lost or damaged the parcels. The Amazon company has been finding several different delivery ways since years ago, it has applied notably drones, Locker points and direct deliveries to car boots as part of a trial in Germany.

Gett service is available in more UK cities than Uber does


Uber may be the best known taxi booking app in the past and it run sound business. But recently its performance has fallen far behind its competitor operator Gett in the UK.

Gett was previously known was GetTaxi and it has just expanded its business into 18 British towns and cities to provide transportation service across the country.

These 18 towns and cities are including Oxford, Cambridge, Reading, Slough, Milton Keynes, Brighton, Bristol, Bath, Cardiff, Portsmouth, Bournemouth, Leicester, Coventry, Sheffield, Nottingham, Bradford, Hull and Newcastle. The local people can book its service now.

As Gett had provide its service in London, Edinburgh, Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool, Glasgow and Leeds, it takes up much broader coverage than Uber does.

Getts uses only licensed black cabs to make its difference from Uber, but it still runs some of the same business services as its competitor’s business line. They both use in-app payments and the similar technologies to enable the customers to check the drivers’ positions.

Gett also offers app for its customers to book their reservations up to two weeks in advance.

Customers can now download free Gett app for iOS and Android devices. There will be more people can book its service on Gett app soon.

The world’s fastest car will be showed in UK in this November

This November, the world’s faster car will be prepared for its first show in the UK., but it is not sure if the customers can see it breaks the sound barrier.


It is called the jet and rocket-powered Bloodhoud and it will be on trail oepration at the Newquay Aerohun in Cornwall. The speed of the car can reach 200mph. And the public can buy the tickets for this event soon.

The speed of 200mph is just a lowest pace. This supersonic car is made to break the world land speed record at 1000mph. To test its highest pace, it will be under high-velocity tests in Hakskeen Pan, South African next summer.

The trails Cornwarll will be helped before the vehicle’s airbrakes and winglets have been equipped. So the speed cap is necessary for the rest.

Andy Green will be the driver and he will pilot the Bloodhound in attempt to break the world record.

The company will release the ticking information for Newquay trials via Bloodhound Poject’s Twitter account and online newsletter.

If you are interested in this news, you can pay close attention to its upcoming announcement. And you can also search the video for Bloodhound online.

Google is producing a standalone YouTube Gaming service to apply Twitch.


55It was remoured that Google is going to move to Twitch’s field by launching a YouTube Gaming platform.

It will provide an App and website for the service. And this YouTube Gaming platform will come to US and UK this summer with a live-steamed and on-demand content.

There will be more than 25,000 games have their own pages that the visitors can find all the videos and live streams about that title on this platform.

YouTube Gaming as made as a standalone experience separate from the main by Google. It not only comprises pages for each game title but also provides channels from game companies and YouTube content creators on the YouTube Gaming Platform.

YouTube stated in a blog post annoucement that, “The visitors and find the new favorites with recommendations in accordance with the games and channels they love. And they could search with confidence when they want something specific such as typing ‘call’ will show you Call of Duty and not ‘Call me Maybe’.”

It is reported that Youtube gave support for 60 frames per second video earlier this year which was needed for recording and watching modern games. Its support has already turned live streams into on-demanded video.

Apple Pay comes £ 20 contactless limit to most retailers and goes limitless to some other


apple pay

It is announced that Apply Pay contactless limit is about to increase by£30 from £20 in September. There is only a small amount of retailers will serve limitless at some point.

Contactless cards are in needed for a limit at present because of the risk of fraud, but if you are with the iPhone’sTouch ID fingerprint scanner the limit can be regardlessness.

PocketLint reported that Visa stated:”not all the retailers will have the limit at the beginning”when Apple Pay is available in UK in July. On the other hand, MasterCard said the Apply Pay will support retailers and banks with improved terminals to receive higher transactions in the near future.

Jeremy Nicholds, Visa’s executive director of mobile, explaining there will be some retailers keep the £20 limit at the beginning, but not all retailers will have the limit. In the meanwhile, some of them will choose to avoid the limit all together in time.

There is additional statement from MasterCard indicating, mostly payment terminals are set to accept contactless transactions up to £20 in the UK, but it will be set to £30 in September as well as cards. As digital services are more popular in the public, we are supporting the retailers and banks when they update the terminals to accept authenticated transactions beyond the limit from digital devices.

It is said that a number of shops and restaurants will apply Apple Pay in the UK, such as Waitrose, Nando’s, New Lookand some other brands.

Boots has confirmed Apply Pay contactless transactions willgo limitless from November as we known. As for the confirmation of other companies, we look forward to their statements.

How to Share photos with friends on Google Photos

To be honest, Google’s annual I/O conference was ordinary this year. But Silicon Valley tech has the opportunity to introduce the Google photos of the touch-sensitive fabric and 360 cameras to the audience among the announcements. As long as the photos are no longer than 16 megapixels and videos are kept within 1080p, the standalone service provides the users with unlimited photo and video storage. Here are ways to share your photos with friends on Google Photos.

1 sharing via the Web

You can find the Google Photos navigation within your browsers and log in to your Google account as you do as usual. The next step is to select the All Photos or Collection Icon on the left side of the window and then select the photos or albums you want to upload to share. After you choose the individual images, click the resulting check mark on the upper left corner and find the Share Photos Icon on the right side of the blue menu bar. You can see the icon describes with three dots, two lines running between them.

3 4

When you come the sharing panel, please select either Google+, Facebook, or Twitter to share your photos base on different social channels. No matter which options you choose, there will be a pop-up allowing you to add commentary or more personalize details like link before you post. If you want to share the link, you just need to select Get Shareable Link. You can share it by chatting or emailing as you like.

2 sharing via the iOS app

The web interface is also available to share your photos. The instructions are much similar to Google’s. After you downloaded and run the app, you can find either Photos or Collections tabs by clicking the menu icon on the upper-left corner which with three horizontal bars. In the meanwhile, select the photos or albums on your account and then click the sahre icon on the bottom left corner to choose a option.


Choose the options whichever you wish so that you could the photos with your friends. The Google photos allows you to post the photos by all channels provided, such as Facebook, Twitter and so on. Those channels provides you to share the photos through text, email, or Apple iCloud. You can also share content by using third-party apps like Facebook Messenger and Slack or share your link with your reference.

3 sharing via the Android App

The instructions of Android app are also much close the ones of Google’s. At the beginning, you need to download and run the app and search for either the Photos or Collections tab via the menu icon on the upper left corner, with three horizontal bars like iOS app.
After that, select the photos or album you what to share and click the share icon on the bottom left corner so that you can see several options to choose. The sharing icon in Android app is the same as the one in the Web interface for Google Photos as well. It comes with three dots and two lines jointing them.


At last, please select your sharing options as guided, or click the Get Link option to copy the link to the clipboard. You also need to choose the options as additional comments when posting to Facebook or Twitter, and options for sharing photos via Google Hangouts, Drive or Dropbox.

Apple Watch comes to the market within two weeks


From the news announced by Apple that that the customers can buy Apple Watch from its brick and mortar retail stores within two weeks.

The customers can only buy the wearable products by booking a try-on appointment before completing the orders online. This situation is going to change. The customers don’t need to wait long time for using the Apple Watch then.

There is previously news about Apple Watch: the novel smartwatch for iPhones in search of a killer app

From Apple’s announcement, it indicates that the store availability will be also released in Italy, Mexico, Singapore, Korea, Spain, Switzerland and Taiwan on June 26.

The Apple company also explains when they will clear the backlog of orders, and it promises that the Apple Watch will be shipped to anyone who ordered in May within two weeks.

But the Apple Watch models of 42mm Space Black Stainless Steel with Space Black Link Bracelet are out of stocks.

Jeff Williams, the Apple’s senior vice president of Operation, stating that their sales of Apple Watches is beyond their expectations in every way. They are excited as Apple Watches are introduced to more customers around the world. They are making improvements in terms of dealing with backlog of Apple Watch orders, and they appreciate their customers for their patience.

They have the pre-orders for the Apple Watch dated on April 10 before they have the official announcement of the Apple Watch on April 24.