YouTube Gaming introduces Android streaming for its users


YouTube Gaming is going to introduce Android game broadcasts to compete with Twitch in the live streaming arena.

YouTube found out Twitch, the market leader of games, does not do much to attact the mobile gamers even if it offers the odd iOS stream for its users. Therefore, YouTube would like to seize the opportunity to introduce the Android streaming for its users.

YouTube gaming and Twitch will make competition for which video service will be better in the streaming stakes. As for YouTube gaming, its Android streaming will allow Android users to broadcast their play sessions live on the app. There will be many of the Fallout Shelter and Crossy Road videos posted the service soon.

YouTube has announced the Android support for its gaming and it also made confirmation that the company will explore its streaming service market in Japan next. YouTube has made a great success in US and UK for the Android streams.

YouTube Gaming works as standalone experience seperate from the main YouTube platform. It is consisted of pages for each game title and channels from game companies and YouTube conten creators.

The company doesn’t make a clear statement when Android streaming will come to the market. It just implies this serivce will come soon. To those gaming fans, they will welcome a different experience.

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