WordPress market share accounts for 25% globally

It was an important day for WordPress, the well-known Content Management Platform last Sunday. According to the statistics provided by W3Techs, there are 25% of the websites are built on the basis of WordPress Platform.


It was initially for bloggers, but WordPress has new function for enterprises as well.

W3Techs claimed: “ among the content management websites we have known, there are 58.7% of them are using WordPress. This figure accounts for 25% of all the websites in the world.” Even though there are changes of using WordPress each month , WordPress’s market share is overall in a steady-state growth.

” By the end of this year, we will glad to see our market share break through 25%. There are still more potential opportunities for us as about 57% of websites have not applied content management system yet. Therefore, I assume there is room to grow for using WordPress”, said Matt Mullenweg, WordPress’s developer and co-founder of Automattic.

In fact, the market share of WordPress did not make obviously growth in the past few years. Its share even dropped down in last year.

However, it is an outstanding achievement if WordPress obtains over half of the market share, and such leading position might possibly result in all kinds of attacks. In the product life cycle, WordPress also encountered a series of information security issues.

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