Will Google launch its own Android cell phone?

It is reported that Google might launch its own Android cell phone to make its Android system more competitive.


Google will not team up with mobile manufacturer to launch the new phone as it did like Nexus series. Google might take page from Apple to develop its own processor on the basis of Android system so that it could manufacture cell phone.

The Information reported that Google senior management group is discussing on the strategy concerns self-developing cell phone. Google did not announce other details on its website.

Google sold Motorola mobility at $2.91 billion about two years ago. But it reserved most of Motorola’s patents in order to apply in Android system.

All the Nexus series are made by HTC, LG, Motolora and Huawei. Nexus cell phones are similar to those made by their cooperative manufacturers. Nexus 6 shares great similarities to Moto X, while Nexus 5 is similar to LG G2.

Android cell phone market is composed by thens of thousands of components. Those components are made by thousands of manufacturers. OpenSingnal claimed that there are over 24,000 Android devices using OpenSignal’s applications in 2015, making by 1,300 manufacturers.

Google has necessary to launch its own Android smartphone in order to design better devices and control the Android smarpthone share.

It is reported that Google has negotiated with the chip manufacturer concerned the launch of Android cell phone chips. The chips that will enhance Android devices’ function.


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