Will Apple take over Box or DropBox next year?

To obtain more enterprises market share, Apple and IBM embraced as partners last year. They were strong rivals in the past. Apple might take over a cloud storage company which focuses on enterprises business to expand its market in the future.

According to the a predicted report made by CCS Insight( the British market research agency), it mentioned Apple might take over the famous cloud storage company Box or DropBox in 2016 so that it could extend its business to more enterprises.

In fact, Apple, Box and IBM are teaming up together. Apple focuses on offering services to large-scale enterprises, government departments and educational institutions to experience better cloud computing service. Box is smaller scale than DropBox. DropBox specializes in private users and uses its own date center.

From the latest industrial statistics, the most satisfying cloud storage companines among the American small and medium-sized enterprises, DropBox, Google Drive and Apple iCloud rank in top three. iCloud won the NPS at 62 scores, the NPS of DropBox and Google Drive come as 54 scores and 50 scores.

It is worth noting that CCS Insight also pointed out Apple might be able to convert the default search engine for Mobile Safari from Google to Microsoft Bing by the end of 2017.

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