Why do software testing needs change?

Times have changed, today’s technology develop rapidly, so it’s time for the revolution of software testing , “This is the way of reformer!” This article gives a good interpretation of why software testing needs change and how to change. Author believes that all software testing need is thoughts and ideas. Without idea testers may not go too far in this road.

Users are getting more creative:
Users and customers have more choices now. The contest of getting rid of the commercial weak links is fiercely processing, companies are vying for market share and taking pains to please the user. Time, cost and the product itself are both important nutrients while building the commercial milestones.

Technology changes every day:
When desktop system was hit all over the world, software applications for mobile terminals are just infancy dolls. Things have changed, now everyone have a phone, especially smart-phone, which became the implacably equipment on subway and bus. Software testing on the mobile is completely different from the traditional test areas, we must adapt to this change.

Born of hardship:
Development director or manager may be able to pull away from the grassroots code work, but test managers should always work on the first line. When we want to forget about the basic skills, we will also be forgotten by our career. We should continuously do our job testing well like always even though owning extensive testing experience.

All software testing need are thoughts and ideas. Without ideas testers may not go too far in this road. So learning how to think is essential, as well as researching about products which really related with you. Thinking about that, If this is your product, what would you do, how would you test. Meanwhile, we should armed ourselves with better communication and statement analysis skills. A tester who don’t know communicate and read report data will also walk much difficult than others.

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