WhatsApp is testing new app which has similar functions with those of Snapchat

WhatsApp, Facebook subordinate multi-platform messaging app, will have its own ” Snapchat” features in the near future.

Mashable reported that WhatsApp is testing a new app which has similar functions with those of Snapchat. This project is called “Status” which is installed among WhatsApp applications on latest Android and iOS systems.


Status feature will be displayed between the tab menus of Chats and Calls. Users will be able to make description and type details or add other entertainment contents in it which is similar to the feature of Snapchat.

In recent years, a great amount of Millennium users has turned to Snapchat and Instagram. To avoid losing more users, Facebook had to make measures to get rid of such dilemma.

First, Facebook acquired Instagram for $ 1 billion. It then considered acquiring Snapchat as well. However, Evan Spiegel, Snapchat CEO, refused the acquired offer of $ 3 billion sent by Facebook and decided to create and consolidate his career. Now, Snapchat is valued at $ 25 billion and becomes the third social networking platform. Among its users, Millennium users and teenagers account for most. Recently, Snapchat considers issuing IPO plans and makes preparation for it.

Comparatively speaking, Facebook also faces identity crisis. It lost a great deal of young users and has tendency to develop as shared platform. Facebook users upgrade their personal info on this platform much less though it released Facebook Live and 360°View. In fact, Facebook Live is not as welcomed as expected.

Facebook should take positive measures to make up its product failures. Instagram Stories has been disputing. It seems to focus on the development of WhatsApp, specially when it failed to acquire Snapchat.

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