Volkswagen plans to cut 30,000 employees worldwide to save € 3.7 billion annually expense

It is reported by British media that Volkswagen plans to cut 30,000 employees worldwide, while Germany will lost 23,000 job positions.


Volkswagen has over 610,000 employees in 31 countries in accordance with the statistics. It has plan to increase its brand profit from 2% to 4%.

To achieve this goal, the productivity of German factory must be increased to 25%. Volkswagen has 120,000 employees in Germany. This job cut plan meant that one fifth of its employees will lost their jobs.

This job cut will help Volkswagen to save about €3.7 billion expense each year by 2020. Volkswagen and trade unions have been working hard to achieve this goal since June.

Even Volkswagen is still solving the fraud scandal concerning emission rate, it engages in revitalizing its core brands, developing new vehicle models and self-driving vehicles. Volkswagen claimed that it would invest more on new products and hope to create 9,000 job opportunities.

Bernd Osterloh, representative of senior employees, claimed that Volkswagen would not force to lay off employees and would launch new vehicle project in Germany. Next generation electricity vehicle will be made in Germany instead of any other countries.

Matthias Mueller, CEO of Volkswagen, addressed that:” This is the biggest modern project concerning Volkswagen core brands in history. Our brands need a real revolution which is the goad that we need to achieve in the future.”

Volkswagen was reported to install cheating software against emission in diesel vehicles. About 11 million diesel vehicles were affected worldwide.

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