Twitter stock increased rapidly: increase rate was over 40%

Twitter released the Q4 2015 earnings three weeks ago, its stock received a dramatically increase. The overall increase rate was over 40% in three weeks.

Twitter stock increased to over $20 per share by midday. It was the first time that its stock reached over $ 20 since January. Its share dropped down to $14.31 on Feb 11, and its bounce of share price was 40% on March 5.

The bounce doesn’t mean the business performance is positive in recent weeks. In fact, its user growth is standstill at the right moment. In addition to the adjustment of senior management group, Twitter still face much pressure to enhance business performance.

Brian Wieser, an analyst of Pivotal Research suggested that the bounce of Twitter stock is the reflect of market overreaction. Wieser told Business Insider reporter that it was ridiculous that Twitter’s stock is so cheap.

Wieser claimed that Twitter has excellent commercial legend, but it is the key problem for its user growth. It is under the expectation of investors. Some investors has been concerning the development of Twitter and feel its share price is still cheap.

The whole market seems to bounce a lot since Feb 11. For example, The NASDAQ index increased by 11% while DJIA increased by 9%.

Twitter share increased by $0.05 in the conventional stock market transaction on Friday, closing at $19.36. The increase rate was ).26. In the past 52 weeks, its bottom price was $13.91, and the ceiling price was $53.49.

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