The amount of Indian Internet users will be ranked as top 2 by December

IAMAI and IMRB International released a report concerned 2015 Indian Internet access. The report predicted that the amount of Indian Internet users will reach 402 million by this December. This figure increased by 49% and it will surpass the amount of American Internet users, ranking as top 2 in the world.

It took 10 years for India to popularize its Internet access from 10 million to 100 billion, three years to double its users from 100 million and one year to increase its users to 400 million from 300 million.

Internet becomes the mainstream in India. It is a good news for the digital industry in India.

The report suggested India will be ranked top 2 by December for the access of Internet users. China has over 600 million people accessed to Internet right now, ranking as top one in the world.


The report pointed that 71% of Indian Internet users are males. Its female users only account for 29%. The increase rate for male users is 50%, while the increase rate for females is 46%. Urban Internet users by male and female is 62% : 38%. The urban female users increase rate is 39%, while 28% goes to male users.

In rural area, 88% of Internet users are males. The female increase rate is 61% there, while 79% goes to males.

The reported addressed 32% of its Internet users are college students, and 26% of Internet users are young people.

It is worth noting that 69% of its Internet users access to Internet each day in October, increasing by 9% in comparison with the same period last year.

General speaking, only 37% of males access to Internet each day, while it only accounts for 23% for females. There are 75% of Internet users access to Internet at least one time each week.

In the urban areas, its mobile Internet users increase by 99% in comparison with the same period last year. The amount of Internet users reached 197 million people. And its Internet uses for rural areas is expected to be 87 million people.

The report suggested there will be more 11.4 million Indians access to Internet next year, two-thirds of them wish to surf the Internet with cell phones.

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