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Nest Labs will be merged to Google Internet of Things Department

Nest, a smart home brand which was acquired by Google for $3.2 billion in 2014. It becomes an unworthy brand to Google now. According to the confirmed source from Fortune, Alphabet will reorganize Nest Labs as a part of Google Internet of Things department.


Nest Labs is also a subsidiary of Alphabet. It is supposed to be treated as an equal like Alphabet treats Google. However, Nest Labs will be merged into Google.

Google Internet of Things department is led by Hroshi Lockheimer who used to be a senior vice president of Android department. He is responsible for the launch of Living House at present. The department will keep launching Google Home products after the merging. Google Home and Amazon Echo will compete for more market share.

Nest Labs developers will get payment from Google in the future. It is not clear how many Nest employees will stay so far. Alphabet spokesman has not responded to this commnent yet.

Nest Labs has been struggling for survial after the acquisition. Tony Fadell, co-founder and CEO of Nest Labs was kicked out in June. He was critized for rough management. Under his management, 50 employees of Dropcam which acquired by Nest left the company. They felt their creativity and innovation of excellent new products were destroyed.

Google placed high hopes on Nest Labs, however, it let Google down. Many of Nest products had serious quality problems and many refunds were made as a result.

Two years after the acquisition, Nest Labs encountered internal disorders. The resign of Fadell meant the end of its disorders.