Sony will launch a new heart rate tracking wearable-Sony SmartBand 2

Sony has been working on the updates of its wearable lines. It is reported that it will release Sony SmartBand 2 as a heart rate tracking bit of writs wear.


The Sony SmartBand 2 offers fitness tracking credentials as well as smartphone-pushed notifications. The watch chain is made by a durable silicone rubber strap with a host of integrated sensors.

To meet the requirement of the new heart rate tracker, Sony SmartBand 2 features an integrated accelerometer to mark your distances covered and calorie burn. This new wearable will be an promising rival for Microsoft Band.

The SmartBand 2 syncs all performance metrics to any Android 4.4 or higher devices, plus iOS 8.2 powered smartphones. The users’s running date will be recorded directly to on-bard storage. Therefore, you don’t have to take your wearable when you go out for exercise.

If you want to have it in hand all the time, it also offers the features of calling and message alerting. It displays colorful LED and produces vibration alerts to remind users of the incoming emails or social notifications.

Sony SmartBand might be come to the public next month. And it will be released up in four colors-black, white, pink and indigo.

The finalized UK price does is yet to confirmed. The fitness tracker will be sold at €119 in European continent.

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