Samsung grants $50 to users for Samsung Pay registration

Samsung works hard to promote its mobile payment platform Samsung Pay. According to a promoted news posted on its website, Samsung will grant a $50 gift card of Best buy to those users who register Samsung Pay account.

Samnsung aims to avail of this promotion to attract more Samsung Pay users. This promotion will last by the end of 2015. Its target users are mainly using Samsung Galaxy S6, S6 Edge, S6 Edge+ and Note 5.


Samsung Pay rivals with Apple Pay. Users can apply Samsung Pay on the mentioned smartphone devices. It avails of NFC function and credit card to make payment for the goods.

Samsung introduced its payment to American market. Apple obtains great market share there as its home field advantage.

Samsung claims that it obtains one million Samsung Pay users in Korea. Samsung teamed up with Best Buy to promote Samsung Pay this time in the hope of attracting more American users to pay attention to Samsung Pay there.

Apple previously reported that Apple Pay obtained over one million registered users for the first three days after its release. Since then, Apple did not reveal more details concern the exact amount of Apple Pay users.

The competition becomes intense for the payment apps. It takes time to see how Samsung Pay works there.

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