Oculus Rift is criticized by charging too much



Oculus Rift was finally coming on Monday.It has been introducing by Oculus for a long time. When it was experienced by the users, the comments seemed flat.

The analysts doubted that Oculus Rift will act like the users expected. Will 2016 could be a prosperous year for VR technology?

Geoffrey Fowler, the Wall Street Journal staff commented:” Oculus Rift is a device that you hope your neighbor to purchase in 2016. You might wish to experience such device, but if you are not a big fan for it then don’t buy it.”

The reasons for the experts doubted about Oculus Rift: one is that it’s heavy, the other is too expensive. Oculus Rift requires to be applied with expensive PC equipment. The PC device that Oculus recommended is from Asus that charges $1,500.

Even though Mark Zuckerberg felt positive for the promising of VR technology, such technology is hard to be popular so far due to its performance.

Devindra Hardawar, the commentator of Engadget also felt Oculus Rift is expensive. He claimed that his experience of Oculus Rift was good but it needs to be applied with more powerful PC device.

USA Today Edward Baig is highly spoken of Oculus Rift. He claimed Rift let people to experience a new world. He admitted that the price of Rift is a bit expensive. It might attract more clients if Oculus readjust its price.

It still needs more time for people to accept such new technology. Facebook’s share price increased by $0.64 on Monday at NASDAQ, closing at $113.69. Its share increased by 7.3% in the past three months.

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