Netflix wants to power in-flight entertainment via introducing a streaming service in airplanes

Netflix is going to win the dominate stance in the skies as it will introduce its own on-baord entertainmen options for the passengers. The journey will be more interesting on the planes then.

Even though having once again denied the notions of adding offline viewing, Netflix, the world streaming giant has announced that it is seeking ways to upgrade netflix service so make content asscessible in at least one Wi-Fi free environment-aircrafts.

Netflix’s chief product officer Neil Hunt told the reporter that they are not planning to offer offline mode serive so far. He said it is far more important to solve the problem how the passengers distribute content on an airplane.

They will put off the offline mode proposal. Hunt added there are two avenues for the company could pursue to achieve a new era of fun flights.

They are working on the new version of Wi-Fi in plans. It is Netflix’s next goal. Hunt continued that they will also work on the other option to fit the whole of NetFlix into a specific size of box so that it could be fix on a plane.

Instead of having their existing rack of eqipment that shows the crappy tittles you may find on the plane, you will find the nextflix on it instead.

Hunt suggested that they could deliver a really compelling experience on a plane with the new upgrade for the service. And they are still working hard on this issue.

If Netflix will release the new streaming service soon, then the passengers will be able to get chance to watch House of Cards or Orange is the New Black when they take flights during the journey next time. But it still needs some more time before it is coming.

There will be more disccusions going on different levels for this proposal. Netflix has no specific plans for this point at the present.

Hunt clams that the new streaming service won’t come true so soon. It may need to one more year. There will be chanllenges to realize it.

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