More users prefer to share personal details on Snapchat

Facebook is the leader in social networking filed. But there are also rivals aiming to obtain more users share.


Bloomberg reported on Monday that fewer users posted their personal information on Facebook now. The more Facebook users made friends on this platform, the fewer are willing to share their personal life there. In the meanwhile, they prefer to share their personal life on Snapchat or Facebook subsidiary Instagram.

The Information reporter Amir Efrati quoted from Facebook internal data that the share of Facebook users posted personal details there declined 21 % from 2014 to 2015. Last Week, Mark Zuckerberg stressed the new application to share personal information on Facebook.

Even though Facebook has over one billion users, only they share unique experience on it and attract more friends can show its worth. The reason why Facebook launched the live video feature last week was to attract more users to share their experience.

Speaking of Snapchat, this app attracts more users in age 18-24 and age 25-34. According to the statistics reported by ComScore, Snapchat had great users share increase between these two groups from 2013 to 2015.

Even though Snapchat obtains fewer users than Facebook, more young people would like to share their snapshots on it instead of the latter. They have more common friends and families on Facebook account.

Snapchat allows users to public their video films or photos. Users can also send them to their friends. Users can totally control their photos. It is more convenient to share daily details on Snapchat.

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