Monthly active users for Google mobile Chrome doubled

Google mobile Chrome obtained double monthly active users in the past year, increasing to 800 million.


The growth of using mobile Chrome mostly comes from its Android system. However, Chrome is compatible with iPhone and iPad at the same time. The continuous popularity of mobile Chrome is significant to Google as it faces much pressure from Microsoft in the browser business.

Google announced in May that Chrome browser users were over one billion, but it did not reveal the specific data of desktop users and mobile users. Chrome comes as a default browser on most Android devices. Users are able to download it on iPhone, iPad, Mac or Windows PC.

Google announced at the Chrome Dev Summit which was held last month that its montly active users for mobile Chrome reached 800 million. This figure was double on year-on-year basis.

According to the data of Net Applications, Chrome is the most popular mobile browser, accounting for 40% of the market share. It only obtained 27% market share in January. The growth of Chrome might contribute to the continuous production of Android devices.

IDC claimed that quantity of Android devices come to the marke will increase to 1.16 billion sets in 2015. There were 1 billion caming to the market last year.

In the meanwhile, the market share of Safari browser decreased from 43% to 36%.

Microsoft persuaded Windows 10 users not to install Chrome browser, on the contrary, it indicated the importance of Chrome. Microsoft Ede and IE browsers are only able to use on its own OS. Windows Phone only obtains about 5% of market share in mobile browser market.

Googel mobile Chrome keeps reachnig more active users. It seems Google wish to manage the mobile browser market.

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