Microsoft will ends Azure Mobile Services in December


Microsoft announced Azure Mobie Services will be ended in December on May 11, and Azure App Service will offer similar features from September 1st, reported VentureBeat.

Azure Mobile Services offers the Push Notification feature, authentication and data storage.

From September 1st, Microsoft will automatically transfer the Azure Mobile Service to Azure Application Service. Azure Application Service was released by Microsoft in last year to back up the mobile applications and websites. It means that the application service and mobile services share the same features. Azure Mobile Services was released in 2012.

In the field of mobile background, Azure Mobile Services face much competition from Amazon network service AWS. Amazon’s AWS obtained many users and performed well as it made profitable revenue.

There are also other rivals such as Google Cloud Endpoints, Firebase and Facebook Parse. Facebook also carried out the similar measure for its Parse mobile backstage as Microsoft does.

The senior project manager of Azure mobile services Andrian Hall claimed that Microsoft will notify its Azure Mobile Services users for ending this service in May.

He revealed that all Azure Mobile Services users won’t be able to use this platform to edit from August. Microsoft will transfer this service from free website to Azure application service in September. The Azure mobile services will be completely disabled by then end of this year.

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