Mesosphere denied Microsoft’s acquisition because low price

According to the news from The Information, Microsoft plans to take over Mesosphere at $150 million, but Mesosphere denied its offer.


There were rumors concerned Microsoft would take over Mesosphere since this summer. It is said that Microsoft has great interest in its high efficient technology of management of data center.

Outwardly, the reason that Mesosphere denied Microsoft’s offer was Mesosphere asked a price of $200 million, while Microsoft offered at $150 million.

Even though they did not come to an acquisition deal, their technical cooperation will continue. They will integrate DCOS products of Mesosphere data center to Microsoft’s Azure.

DCOS is enterprise edition that offers free open resource for Mesos. This edition is applied by developers.

Mesosphere’s founder, Ben Hindman created the Mesos system when he studied in UC Berkeley. Mesos was once introduced to Twitter by Ben Hindman and its other co founders. Then Florian Leibert introduced it to Airbnb.

Mesosphere’s growth is contributed to the development software containers. Software containers is a popular soft of technology welcome by developers. It could help developers to edit their programs. Once the programs are written, they will be run in any server architecture.

The most valuable software containers is made by Docker, valuing at $ 1 billion. But Mesosphere’s product can manage and repair those large-scale software containers. Their products are compatible with Mircosoft’s need.

Until now, Mesosphere finished its third round financing at $ 49 million. Its investors include Khosla Ventures, Andreessen Harowitz, Data Collective and other important ventures. The Information also revealed that Mesosphere is working on another financing. However, Microsoft and Mesosphere did not response to the above news yet.

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