Lyft orders increased by 5 times in 10 months

The Lyft app develops better in this market. According to the statistics it provided, the quantity of drivers in New York city increased by 4 times, and its weekly active passengers increased by 6 times. Its total orders in Feb., 2016 was 6 times than the one in May, 2015.

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Lyft did not reveal how many drivers it has in New York city and how many orders they have completed.

The figures could not exactly reflect the competition advantages between Lyft and Uber. It implied that even though Uber has the first chance to develop the business in New York, Lyft is also welcome by passengers and taxi drivers.

Lyft depreciated the charges in 33 cities in United States, including New York. It is also one of the reasons for its user growth. Uber also did the same measure in 80 cities in United States.

Lyft invested more on marketing, such as it enlarges the marketing team, offers more discounts and purchases more ads.

Some drivers registered both Uber and Lyft at the same tme. Evan Cohen, director of eastern coast district claimed that Lyft would invest more on drivers side. The commission it charges from drivers will depend on how long the drivers work. The longer they work, the fewer it charges.

Cohen admitted that Lyft invested a little in New York at the beginning when this app is available there. The company will make adjustment for its investments.

The competiton between Uber and Lyft keeps intense. They work hard to obtain more market share. Cohen mentioned a survey made by Harry Campbell that 80 % of drivers prefer to use Lyft rather than Uber.

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