iPhone 6s will be officially released on September 25

Apple has confirmed that iPhone 6S release date will be on September 25. You don’t have to wait too long for its debut. It will compete with Samsung Galaxy S6 which had been released.

From part of its formal unveilling on September 9, Apple announced that iPhone 6S which comes wtih 4.7-inch, Force Touch display-packing will come to the public in the following weeks, on September 25.


Apple will also release the 5.5-inch iPhone 6S Plus with iPhone 6S. The UK prices for these two handsets are not comfirmed by the firm yet.

Before Apple releasing iPhone 6S/ 6S Plus, it will introduced a new software iOS 9 first. It is comfirmed that Apple will bring its debut for the existing iPhones and iPads on September 16.

If you are too eager to wait for experiencing iPhone 6S follow-on till September 25, then you can place iPhone 6S pre-order trail this Saturday, on September 12.

Customers can may pre-orders through Apple’s online store. And iPhone 6S/6S Plus will be accessed from the company’s high street locations, third party retailers and all manner of networks at the end of this month.

iPhone 6S has a pressure-sensitive display, features an enhanced 12-megapixel camera, reinforced body and a new option of rose gold color.To those fans of iPhone handsets, they will be able to experience its new features soon.

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