Instagram installed capacity on Android devices reaches 1 billion

Facebook is a biggest winner in global mobile internet era. It has three apps that obtained one billion daily active users. It is reported that Instagram, a mobile photo sharing tool belongs to Facebook, obtained more than one billion installed capacity on Android devices.


Mashable reported that the downloads of Instagram at Google Play Store have been exceeded one billion.

It is worth noting that the downloads of Instagram do not mean its actual active users scale.

In mobile internet industry, it considers the monthly active users as its common user index instead of installed capacity.

However, this figure is just for Android devices. Instagram has become another popular app of Facebook plus the installed capacity of iOS devices.

Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp are both receiving over one billion monthly active users. Facebook becomes the biggest winner in global mobile internet era. These apps bring in a great amount of revenue for Facebook.

In June, Instagram announced it obtained 500 million monthly active users, and 300 million daily active users. Its monthly active users increased by 10 million month-to-month since last September.

1 billion installed capacity sounds a great figure as there were only 1.4 billion Android users in accordance with the data dated in last September.

Instagram has been in a monopoly position in net-citizen original video field of YouTube in terms of photo sharing and social networking field.

Instgram had been upgraded times this year. It re-designed the logo in May and released a new sort algorithm for photos.

It then added Stories content that learned from Snapchat in August. The posted photos will be disappeared in 24 hours.

Instagram has stable user growth and it is time to create revenue. Some medium reported that it started testing enterprise accounts so that enterprises can make marketing promotion by posting photos of items.

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