How many iPhones are sold per day?

Speaking of the smartphones that have excellent sales, many people may get iPhone in their mind. Even though the analysts predicted that sales of iPhones would decrease due to the economic recession in smartphone industry, the sales for iPhone are still beyond the expectation of manufacturers.


According to Cult of Mac report, the sales of iPhone reached a newly milestone four years ago. Its daily sales were 378,000 units of iPhone. Until 2015, the sales of iPhone increased by times and its annual sales volume reached 230 million units. For example, there are 365 days a year, we could figure out therewere 633,000 iPhones sold each day.

The first quarter of 2016, Apple sold 74.8 million iPhones, with an average of 829,000 iPhones each day.

Asymco analyst claimed that the sales volume of iPhone in 2015 were more than all Windows computers sold in 2015, let alone there were still other product lines for Apple. As we known, Apple also launches Mac series and iPad series computers.

Apple will debut the 4-inch iPhone 5se this month at its spring release. The analyst from The Royal Bank of Canada predicted that iPhone 5se will have excellent sales performance. He estimated that it is supposed to reach 10 million units of sales and $5.5 billion revenue.

The success of iPhone is not by chance. It makes clear concept and innovation for its products. Tim Cook contributes a lot for the business integration and marketing strategies under his leadership. What is the most important that its the guarantee of product quality.

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