Google Shopping Express will cover the whole United States soon

Google released Google Shopping Express service to rival Amazon Fresh Prime. This service covers with more than 20 states and regions in United States. Express operation manager, Brian Elliott, claimed Google will explore this service to the whole country by the end of this year.


To achieve this goal, Express operation department made a hard decision, that is, stopped selling fruits and vegetables in some grocery business for the

Shopping Express was released in 2013 to keep its search business. More and more people search water bottles and flat screen tvs on Amazon which threatens to Google’s advertising business. Google aims to use Express to help consumers to search what they need with ease.

Express encountered difficulties in past three years as well. Tom Fallows made job-hopping to Uber and Google appointed Brian Elliot as general manager of operation department. Now, Shopping Express found the suitable business mode for itself.

Express applied several delivery modes: same-day delivery, overnight delivery and two-day delivery. Consumers can also choose different payment modes, pay as per order at least $4.99 each, pay as subscription with $95 each year. They can also experience other payment mode with $10 monthly.

Express has signed with 50 cooperative merchants, including Target, Walgreens, Petsmart, REI,Wayfair and 99 Ranch Market.

Epxress also explores the national service for Whole Foods and Costco. Consumers can make shopping at Costco with a bit higher price even though they are not membership of Costco.

It indicated that Express will focus on the business of daily necessities. But consumers can still place orders for temperature-controlled goods, such as dairy products, eggs and ice creams.

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