Google released Top questions on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Day is coming. American citizens are on holiday for Thanksgiving. It is apparent that shopping is one of the important thing for their life during this holiday. Delicious food come to their mind most.


Google released the top questions on Thanksgiving that people search most. It is not doubt that turkey is hot for its search. “When was the first Thanksgiving” ranked first on the list of Top questions on Thanksgiving.

” When did Thanksgiving become a holiday” and “Why did the pilgrims celebrate the first Thanksgiving” ranked as second and third on the list.

Speaking of top trending n Thanksgiving recipes, “how to cook turkey”becomes the question that users search most.”How to measure the turkey for each person” followed second then “ how long it takes to cook the turkey” came with third.

You might find the recipes of cranberry Relish, mashed potato, Peach Cobbler, Lasagna and stewed beef on the top trending Thanksgiving recipes. It is surprised that pumpkin pie, pumpkin roll and stuffing did not show in the list.

Roast, Smoke, Fry are the most searched methods to cook a turkey provided by Google. It is a holiday to spend quality time with families. Delicious food are necessary for such holiday.


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