Google folds up e-commerce GOSF in India


Google folds up its online shopping business GOSF in India. GOSF has been launching for three years. It enjoy great popularity as the cyber Monday, GOSF is the first Indian online shopping day that offers the most favarable discounts.

GOSF has similarity Flipkart’s, Amazon’s and Snapdeal’s shopping festivals. There are also intense competitions among those platforms.

Google feels that there are many successful e-commerce enterprises in India, and the users don’t have to wait for 12 months to shop on the best shopping day of the year. Its small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) don’t have to look for localized consumers online.

When GOSF was initial launched in India, Google estimated that only 8 million Indians shopped online among 130 million Internet users. The total online shopping revenue was about $2 billion. India has over 350 million Internet users in 2015. Its online shopping users will increased to 350 million in 2016, and the sales revenue will be over $10 billion.

“We launched GOSF in 2012 to encourage the Indians to shop online and we wanted to provide them the best deals. We aimed to attract all the leading e-commerce enterprises on this platform to develop online shopping,” said Bawankule, industry director of Indian office.

GOSF is known as a platform to help th large-scale e-commerce companies to make big deals and seek for more clients for hundreds of SMEs

According to the statistics, only 90 retails joined GOSF in 2012 and its retailed increased to 550 till December,2014.

Bawankule said the development and influence of e-commerce went well in India. GOSF motivated the Indians to shop in many aspects. Overall, it is time for us to say goodbye. He added Google will continue to invest projects to promote cooperations SMEs in the industry.

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