Google Chrome installed capacity was over 2 billion

Google Chrome caught up from behind among browsers, ranking in the world-class browsers list. A few days ago, Google announced an important data officially that its accumulative installed capacity was over 2 billion.


TheVerge reported that Google held a Chrome Development Summit a few days ago. Darin Fisher, vice president of Chrome engineering project, claimed that the installed capacity of Chrome browser was over 2 billion, including PC and Mobile devices.

It is worth noting that the data index indicated the installed capacity happened in the past instead of monthly active users and  daily active users. Google did not reveal the latest statistics concerning these two indexes.

Google once announced the monthly active users of Chrome browser in April, obtaining over 1 billion users. Such installed capacity meant that Chrome becomes a popularized world-class as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger do.

Fisher stated that such a big pile of users brings opportunity to third party developers. Chrome is also deploying the latest web technology standards as other browsers did.

By now, Google has 7 networking services or software products which obtained over 1 billion users, including Gmail, Android OS, Chrome, Google Maps, Web Search, YouTube online video and Google Play.

Chrome is another successful networking service besides Web Search. Chrome is welcomed by consumers for its concise UI,quicker webpage loading and render effects.

The latest third party statistics showed that the global market share of Chrome accounts for 55%, which is about two times of the ones with IE and Edge. Its market share increased by 30% in past year.It meant that many former IE users turned to Google Chrome after Microsoft stopped upgrading IE.

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