Google Calendar will automatically collect Flights and Hotel reservation details from Gmail

So far, the statistics like flights details updated in Gmail will be displayed in the search result by Google. You may be wondered what happen if those statistics appear in Google calendar and other products’ link.


Google announced on August 26 that it will launch more new features that collects the information of entrance tickets, flights, restuarants, and hotels details in Google Calendar by automically, reports TechCrunch.

If you are going to on a business trip in a strange city, and you have arranged the journey well with the booking of the flight ticket, a taxi to the airport, and a reservation of the hotel and resturantant. If you got the specific details of those arrangements, you could set them to your Google Calendar. If your flight departure time displays at 4 pm, then your meal time will be displayed at 9pm.

This feature is open by default but you can could close down it by reseting in Gmail settings. It is a cool feature. However, it could be annoying if there are continuiously errors poping up by Google Calendar. Then you could delete all the events you have added previously. It may be a bit late if your phone alerts for the unnecessary events.

The most interesting ocassion you may meet by search Google Now “when my flight will take off?” Then there will be full details provided for your reference. The more statistics Google offers, the more they can do by Google. It makes your life easier and free.

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