Facebook announced Internet.org project connected 40 million people around the world

At the meeting of Q3 earnings, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that Internet.org project issued by the company has helped 40 million people access to Internet around the world.

This figure accounted for 0.5% of global population. In addition, the monthly visit traffic of Internet.org impressed the public as well. It increased from 3.63 % of Q2 to 4.67% of Q3. It obtained 1.79 billion visits each month.


Facebook promoted the basic internet access service by binding Free Basic app and Express Wi-Fi hotspot. The goal of this promotion is to apply Aqulia , satellite and other advanced technologies to provide better network service in remote places.

The service objects of Internet.org include citizens from remote places who have no access to internet and those who can afford internet service.

By Q3, it obtained 40 million users which was dramatically increase in compared with 3 million users of July, 2014. It increased by 166% yoy( it had 15 milllion users last year and 25 million users in this May.)

Though Free Basic app is banned in India, it considered as one of the most potential markets and is supposed to obtain more market share in the future. If Facebook keeps such growing pace to promote Internet.org, there will be more and more people benefiting from it.

It was a pity that SpaceX rocket blew up on the launching platform, which led to a failure of Internet.org promotion in Africa as the satellite connected this service blew up as well.

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