Facebook acquired the popular Swap Faces App Masquerade

The swap face filter of Snapchat is welcome by the youth. It once became fashionable for a time. Facebook recently acquired a well-known swap face app company. It will introduce some features for users to experience swap faces app.


According to the report of Engadget, Masquerade is one of the most popular swap faces app at Apple App Store. Facebook acquired Masquerade but it did not reveal the specific acquired capital.

The users could manage the selfies by using the filter tool and change their faces to stars’ or someone else. Users can share the modified photos with their friends for fun.

The specific facial features of Masquerade will be integrated to Facebook’s social networking platforms.

As reported, Masquerade will be run as an independent subsidiary after the acquisition has been completed. Its apps and features will be integrated to Facebook’s product besides offering the current independent app.

Facebook have acquired many companies for the enhancement of user social networking sharing, including emotion sticker company and photo filter company.

Facebook announced that the co-founders of Masquerade will be working in Facebook London office in the future.

Engadget claimed that the competitiveness will be enhanced a bit by acquiring Masquerade to rival Snapchat.

As far as the mobile chatting and photo sharing apps, Facebook has many shiny stars, such as Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram. Snapchat attracts younger users. It is considered as the potential rival to Facebook in the future even though it has limited users at present.

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