Facebook acquired CrowdTangle, developer of social analytics tools

Facebook announced on November 12 that it already acquired startup enterprise CrowdTangle. CrowdTangle was established four year ago. It helped publishers to track how content was spread on social networking platforms. So far, these two companies did not reveal the acquisition price yet.


CrowdTangle displayed its subscribers the real-time traffic and made great impacts on those contents showed up in users’ message source. This acquisition indicated that Facebook still manages to attract publishers, especially the unstable timing of how to create sustainable and profitable business.

Facebook claimed that it would invest and operate this service so that more publishers can make full use of this business. Though CrowdTangle has a smaller team, it has raised about $ 2.2 million from investors included Betaworks.

The statement that Facebook made indicated that all of worldwide publishers would ask help from CrowdTangle to publish the impactive contents, assess their social influence and seek for the influential characters or things. Facebook felt happy to cooperate with CrowdTangle for launching new serivces and provide more contents to publishers.

According to the papers that released by FastCompany last year, CrowdTangle was initially considered as a tool to help active users to combine the activity posted on Facebook. The lack of financial support led Brandon Silverman and Matt Garmur released a new feature which showed the most popular posts to obtained likes and traffic. Then they made a product where publishers can check their likes and traffic on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Vine.

Soon after that, CrowdTangle was widely applied by Buzzfeed, The Huffington Post, CNN, The USA Today, ESPN, MTV and The Verge. In addition, it was welcomed by many famous brands and non-profit organizations.

CrowdTangle will be integrated to Signal and Page Insights when the deal is accomplished.

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