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How many chemical elements contain in a mobile phone

It is not a big deal to take apart a mobile phone. Many of you may have the experience taking apart the mobile phone. Let’s talk more about the chemical elements contain in a mobile phone today.

The smart phone is consisted of four major parts, including battery, mobile screen, interior circuit and phone case. A smart phone normally contains 41 chemical elements. Do you have any ideas of how many chemical elements in each part? Let’s learn more its chemical elements’s distribution and division of work in a cellphone.

Mobile Screen

ITO is the compound of indium oxide and tin oxide. It is used to make the ITO film for the mobile pone.

Most of the smartphones use aluminosilicate glass that is mixed by aluminium oxide and silica. The potassium ion could enhance the quality of screen. While rare earth elements are used to function the color display of mobile screen. There are some other elements to prevent the ultraviolet ray from accessing the mobile phone.

Most of the mobile phone use the lithium battery for the phone. Some batteries contain the other gold elements such as using manganese instead of Co. And the case of battery is made of aluminum.

Phone case

Some parts of the phone cases are made of titanium alloy, while the other parts are plastics. The plastic case contains Br and Ni to reduce possibility of electromagnetic interference.

Interior circuit

It is mainly made of copper. The main current contains other elements like copper, gold and silver. Tantalum is the important part of capacitance. Ni is used for the phone speaker. There are also Pr., Gd, neodymium alloy contained in the speaker. Neodymium, Terbium and dysprosium used for phone vibration. Silicon is used for making chips. Tin and lead are mainly using for interior circuit.