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Mark Pincus resigned from Zynga CEO postition

Mark Pincus was appointed as Zynga’s CEO for a second. However, he quit the job within a year after the appointment. He will be working as the chairman of the board of directors then.


Pincus announced that he would hand over the position to Frank Gibeau after the stock market closed on Tuesday. Gibeau has 25 years working epxerience in gaming industry. He used to work for Electronic Arts and made great performance for the mobile gaming business under his leadership. The Simpsons: Tapped Out and Plants vs Zombies became the profitable games.

It sounds reasonable that the company appointed Gibeau as its CEO as it wishes him to make excellent performance again.

Pincus worked as the CEO for the first time from 2007 to 2013. Don Mattrick took over the CEO position from him then. However, Matttrick quit thejob in the begining of 2015. Pincus worked as the CEO for a second time then.

Zynga launched a series of new games after Pincus’ assumption of duty. Actually, the new games could not help the company to save the declining business performance. In the past year, its share price kept under $3.5 per share, closing at $2.16. Its market value was $2 billion.

Zynga became a listed company in late 2011 and its share kept increasing then. It received the peak price at $14.69 on March 2, 2012. However, the gaming players paid much attention to mobile games then, and Zynga failed to make transition of business.

Zynga released its Q4 2015 earnings. It received $186 million revenue and decreased by 4% on the year-on-year basis. Its net deficiency was $47 million.

Pincus claimed that Gibeau has been participating in company business. He took 7 months to make preparations for the new post during he worked as the director of the board of directors.

YouTube Gaming introduces Android streaming for its users


YouTube Gaming is going to introduce Android game broadcasts to compete with Twitch in the live streaming arena.

YouTube found out Twitch, the market leader of games, does not do much to attact the mobile gamers even if it offers the odd iOS stream for its users. Therefore, YouTube would like to seize the opportunity to introduce the Android streaming for its users.

YouTube gaming and Twitch will make competition for which video service will be better in the streaming stakes. As for YouTube gaming, its Android streaming will allow Android users to broadcast their play sessions live on the app. There will be many of the Fallout Shelter and Crossy Road videos posted the service soon.

YouTube has announced the Android support for its gaming and it also made confirmation that the company will explore its streaming service market in Japan next. YouTube has made a great success in US and UK for the Android streams.

YouTube Gaming works as standalone experience seperate from the main YouTube platform. It is consisted of pages for each game title and channels from game companies and YouTube conten creators.

The company doesn’t make a clear statement when Android streaming will come to the market. It just implies this serivce will come soon. To those gaming fans, they will welcome a different experience.

China calls off video game consoles ban after 15 years


China issued ban to stop selling video game consoles 15 years ago. Now this ban has been called off due to the market demands.

A new statement comes from China’s Ministry of Culture indicated that the companies from now on can launch and sell consoles across the country.

As far as concerned, Sony and Microsoft have confirmed that they could produce consoles in a new manufacturing zone somewhere in Shanghai with their Chinese partners.

Sony spokesperson Sousuke Kamei stated on Sky News that the company is happy for this new change. And they could make new challenge for this move.

He added, the company will produce more funny and exciting console gaming experiences to the Chinese users as possible as they could. China has a great amount of population. It could help those companies that launching console games to enlarge their market shares.

The sales ban of video game consoles was made date back to 2000. It was aiming to protect the children from wasting their time playing too much video games instead of studying school classes.

This ban was lifted for a while in early 2014. It gave the hope to consumers that PlayStation 4 and Xbox one would come to China market. Please keep your eyes close to this news if you are interested in it.

Xbox console increases sales and revenue for latest financial quarter

There was related news revealing Microsoft’s quarterly loss. However, the company could not blame Xbox division for its quarterly loss.

There are signs of improvement on Microsoft’s gaming products. The sales and revenue with Xbox one and Xbox 360 console together reach 1.4million for the latest financial quarter. The sales and revenue for gaming products for the same time last year was 1.1 million.


The company sold 11.7 million for the entire fiscal year last year, and this year the company would try all attempts to sell 12.1 Xbox consoles for the whole fiscal year, such as price cuts and promotions.

In addition to this, there was strong growth in first-party game sales and digital transactions that contributing to Xbox Live revenue grew by $205 million, and Xbox platform revenue grew by $86 million. Xbox platform revenue increased by 10 %,

Bad news for Microsoft, there was a great cut in the quarterly figures for its $7.6bn acquisition of Nokia, and the company reported it suffer $2.1bn loss for this sector.

The company work hard to make Xbox division growth of revenue as it introduces backwards compatibility for Xbox one. It is also working on first-party games, Forza 6, Halo 5, Guardians and Fable Legends for instance.

PlayStation 4 takes up 94% market share in parts of Continental Europe


ps 4Since PlayStation 4 launched, it has been obtaining more players as we known. Recently, Sony has announced the extent of its dominance in the market.

SCEE president Jim Ryan said, the PS4 plays a leadership role in the market and it takes up more than 90% market share in parts of Continental Europe

Ryan stated to VG247 that they have market leadership in all European countries, and now they have even significant breakthrough in market share in continental Europe.

Ryan said the statistics of market share is extremely significant, And he doesn’t think the market share in every country is under 70%, and the statistics showed its recently market share takes up more than 90% in continental Europe.

Sony’s success in PS4 implies that it is not likely to make an official price cut in this area.

Ryan added, there are still potential markets in Europe. They have opportunities to win more players. They make reasonable price for the product and they have good theme for the game. The players are happy with the prices and the gaming theme. So the company won’t consider the price cut right now.

Ryan said, the company also hope Star Wars Battlefront to get sound market share in other area. It was pleased to cooperate with Activision on Call of Duty.