Apple obtained Taylor Swift’s exclusive copyright of 1989 vocal concert

It is reported that Apple obtained Taylor Swift’s exclusive copyright of 1989 vocal concert. The video will be displayed on December 20 on Apple Music.

It was Taylor Swift’s 26th birthday when she posted this news on Twitter. She released the interesting sidelights of 1989 vocal concert as well. It was a big surprise to the fans.


About the concert video discussion, the Beats 1 radio will report the related news. But the officer from Apple firm doesn’t confirm yet.

The analyst from IDC suggested that the cooperation with Taylor Swift will be an important action to Apple. The competitions for music streaming services publishers are intense. Apple Music was released a bit late. It relies much on its subscribed content quality. Obtaining Swift’s exclusive copyright of 1989 vocal concert is extremely important for Apple’s success.

Apple Music was released this June. Tim Cook claimed in October it obtained 6.5 million subscribers, while there were other 8.5 million were on free trial.

Swift once criticized the three-month free trial without paying singers’ copyright on Apple Music. She suggested that she would not provide her hottest 1989 album there.

Apple modified this policy and paid the copyright fee to the singers.

Apple was reported to negotiate with some other music publishers to force Spotify canceled the free music service.

In November 2014, Swift recalled all her music from Spotify and denied to release her 1989 records on music streaming media as the service platform reported fewer sales records.

Adele has the similar attitude as Swift did. The copyright of her album 25 doesn’t authorize to any music streaming media yet.

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