Apple News will be transformed to open media platform

Apple did not reveal much of the application of Apple News and it doesn’t even release how many users it obtained.Fortunately, Apple announced early this week that it will open Apple News application to all of the people.


Apple will allow all of people to post contents on News when it upgrades the distribution agreement. This act is similar to the adjustment of Facebook Instant Articles. Users could post or upload or sync the contents and videos from blogs to News.

In the meanwhile, Apple offers a newly webpage edit portal. This tool is available for small medium and independent developers. Apple hopes the News could attract more developers besides the early cooperative partners and well-known medium.

Apple will renamed News as News Format for this platform. Users only need to edit the contents for one time, then it will be displayed on all iOS devices. This platform is also associated with the current content managing solutions. Apple did not reveal the detailed information yet.

The News Format has different features with its previously tool News Publisher. News Publisher has been testing since its release. It is only available for Apple’s cooperative partners. But News Publisher will offer data analysis panel for publishers. Therefore, the publishers who post contents on Apple News could check some useful data, including independent reading section, page-views, shares,likes and reading durations.

It was reported that Apple News will display the native advertising that shares the same format with ordinary content.

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