Apple might stop producing iPad Air series

Apple offers several series of iPad for consumers on the market. The industry experts assumed that Apple would stop producing iPad Air series and add a smaller iPad Pro.

ipad air

As reported, Apple is supposed to release a bran-new iPad Air 3 at its spring new releases conference. According to the confirmed source made a few days ago, it will introduce a smaller iPad Pro instead of iPad Air 3. The iPad Pro is with 9.7- inch screen, external keyboard and stylus.

If the news comes true, it means the end of launching iPad Air product line. It will only have Pro and Mini product lines then.

The global iPad business sounds weaker now. Apple’s iPad business even suffered 20% decrease in each quarter. With the modification of smartphones and laptops, iPad is just a transitional product in a short time.

Due to this its hardware manufacturers adjusted its strategies, equipped with external keyboard and stylus for sales.

The success of Surface Pro inspired Samsung, Apple andHuawei a lot. They even launched the similar product suites. Apple iPad revenue decreased by 21% in Q4 2015, while Microsoft Surface revenue increased by 29%.

iPad Pro is made to compete with Miscrosoft products. It aims to the enterprises. Its traditional iPad is mainly for ordinary consumers. Apple wishes to gain more market share by enhancing its performance and introducing better features.

If Apple stop producing iPad Air series, iPad Mini could be the only mass-market iPad. It could adjust and simplify iPad series and focus on the transition of enterprise iPad and commercial iPad.

If Apple continues to launch iPad Air series, it will sell six iPad products at the same time. It is not sensible as it will cost Apple a lot.

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