Amazon tested with Tribune Publishing to deliver parcels

It is reported that Amazon worked on a short-lived test this fall, delivering parcels with Tribune Publishing’s newspaper trucks on the way.


You might be able to receive your Amazon parcels in the morning besides coffee, doughnut and newspaper in the future.

According to the confirmed resource, Amazon worked with Chicago’s Tribune Publishing to do this test. The test lasted for one to two weeks and Amazon used the newspaper trucks of Tribune Publishing to send its parcels on the way.

Tribune Publishing is the publisher of the Chicago Tribune and Los Angeles Times. The taxation issues in related to newspaper deliverers stopped Tribune Publishing to go on delivering parcels for Amazon. In Chicago, the drivers of Tribune Publishing also deliver other publications besides the Chicago Tribune.

Amazon has plans to work with other publishers to test the similar business. Even though fewer people subscribe newspapers in the recent years, the newspaper delivery trucks drive across every corners in the city. It is convenient to deliver Amazon parcels for users.

In last year, Amazon was in attempt to send parcels with taxi and Uber taxi. Recently, it launched another delivery mean named Flex to deliver parcels by using the private cars of contract workers.

If those measures work, they will help Amazon to reduce the delivery expense. The freight of its first half year for Amazon is $4.6 billion, increasing by 28% compared with the same time in last year.

There are intense competitions between one-day delivery and one-hour delivery. For example, Uber and Deliv work with retailers to realize rush delivery.

It is unclear how Amazon operate such kind of delivery service, for instance, how the delivery men collect parcels.

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