Adobe: Black Friday online sales volume increased by 18%

According to Adobe statistics, American online sales volume for 2015 Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday reached $4.47 billion, increased by 18% on year-on-year basis. On Thanksgiving Day, the online sales volume was $1.73 billion and $2.74 billion on Black Friday, reported VentureBeat.

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Adobe collected the online sales details from 4,500 online retail stores with the help of Adobe Marketing Cloud, including 80% of transaction data Top 100 Amercian retail stores.

Adobe suggested that 33.2% of 2015 online sales volume were from mobile devices while it was 27% in 2014. There was no doubt that the sales volume of iOS devices were higher than Android devices during the Thanksgiving season.

On Thanksgiving Day, the total sales volume for moblie devices reached $639 million, iOS devices accounting for 71% while Android accounting for 28%.

On Black Friday, the total sales volume for mobile deviced were $905 million, iOS was $670 million (74%), and Android was $230 million( 25%).

To specify, iPhone platform reached $368 million, Android platform reached $180 million, iPad platform was $302 million, while Android iPad was $50 million. iOS takes up more market share than Android’s in United States. iOS users spent much more than Android users.

Adobe also reported some details concerned Black Friday’s promotion. The average discount was 24%,email promotion increased by 25% on year-on-year basis. Door Buster sales accounted for 40% of the total sales volume.

The social media propagation force increased by 25%, the mentions reached 4 million times. Amazon social media offered half of a million mentions, ranking as 1st.

The most popular electronic products on Black Friday were Samsung 4K TV, Apple iPadAir 2, Microsoft Xbox One, Apple iPad Mini and Sony PlayStation 4.

Adobe also found that many items were out of stock on Black Friday, especially the tools of Star War.

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