Which new features are worthy of application on Mac Sierra?

Apple just released official version of macOS Sierra for Mac. Let’s check out the new features that Mac users can make full use of.


Ask Siri for help on Mac

Siri is the featured update of macOS Sierra which Apple introduced a lot at its release press and on Apple official website. Users can talk with Siri for asking it questions. It is better that users don’t talk with Siri on Mac device at working place in case of embarrassment.

Universal Clipboard: copy from Mac and paste it to cellphone

The feature of Universal Clipboard has been desired by users for a long time. It allows users make copy from Mac/cellphone to paste it to cellphone/ Mac. To apply the Universal Clipboard feature, users need to log in the same Apple ID on Mac device and cellphone under the same Wi-Fi environment or blue-tooth assessed.

Even though two persons log in the same Apple ID, they can not realize the copy and paste mission if one stays at home and one stays at office. When users make copy on iOS/macOS and paste it to macOS /iOS, the operating system will automatically have the content synchronized on the other device.

Update for Mac hard drive storage

Users will be touched when you upgrade to Sierra if your Mac hard drive has limited storage. Users will find their hard drive storage has bigger capacity after update. Apple macOS Sierra offers several measures for users to optimize memory space by click “About this Mac”–“Memory Storage” section. There are four recommendations for manually optimization.

PIP feature

Apple upgraded the most excellent feature on iOS 9 for iPad,named PIP. To enjoy this feature, users need to display it on video websites that support HTML5. Mac is compatible with PIP feature now. This feature allows you pin the video window on screen without pause to switch the windows.

Unlock Mac with Apple Watch

To protect privacy and for internet security, users can set a complicated password for Mac device. However, users need to input the password each time it starts or wakes up from sleep mode. Some developers released MacID and NearLock applications to simplify the unlocking.

Users need to disable two-step authorization function and open the dual authorization for iCloud accounts. Click “System Preferences”-“Security and Privacy”-open” Allow Apple Watch unlock Mac”. Apple Watch can also unlocks Mac if it is under Mac Blue-tooth access.

To experience some more new features of macOS Sierra, please pay close attention to Apple news.

Walmart acquires Jet.com for $3.3 billion

Walmart did acquire E-Commerce site Jet.com.


Walmart announced on Monday that it made an official offer at $3.3 billion to acquire e-commerce startup Jet.com. Doug McMillon, who serves as Walmart CEO, posted a photo on Instagram on Monday to confirm the acquisition of Jet.com.

In the meantime, McMillon explained the acquisition on his blog. McMillon claimed:” Walmart and Jet.com are both aiming to save time and expense for clients. With our collaboration, we will achieve these goals easily and create a seamless shopping experience from app to site, and app to store.

However, Walmart and Jet.com will face many challenges when the acquisition is done. Amazon has advantage in exploring business in e-commerce field in United States. It is one of the world-class e-commerce giants. It keeps market share increase in United State market. There is no sign that Amazon loses developing motivation though e-commerce business of Walmart grew a lot in past 18 months.

Jet.com has proved that it could develop some loyalty client group instead of a company profited by advertising in past years. Marc Lore, who works as CEO of Jet.com, will take charge of running Walmart website after the acquisition. What’s more, the distance between silicon e-commerce location and operation of Arkansas stores is also a challenge to Walmart. In fact, the major revenue of Walmart is from the offline stores.

Another challenge to Walmart and Jet.com is that they need to spend much money to overcome them and improve services.

Google Shopping Express will cover the whole United States soon

Google released Google Shopping Express service to rival Amazon Fresh Prime. This service covers with more than 20 states and regions in United States. Express operation manager, Brian Elliott, claimed Google will explore this service to the whole country by the end of this year.


To achieve this goal, Express operation department made a hard decision, that is, stopped selling fruits and vegetables in some grocery business for the

Shopping Express was released in 2013 to keep its search business. More and more people search water bottles and flat screen tvs on Amazon which threatens to Google’s advertising business. Google aims to use Express to help consumers to search what they need with ease.

Express encountered difficulties in past three years as well. Tom Fallows made job-hopping to Uber and Google appointed Brian Elliot as general manager of operation department. Now, Shopping Express found the suitable business mode for itself.

Express applied several delivery modes: same-day delivery, overnight delivery and two-day delivery. Consumers can also choose different payment modes, pay as per order at least $4.99 each, pay as subscription with $95 each year. They can also experience other payment mode with $10 monthly.

Express has signed with 50 cooperative merchants, including Target, Walgreens, Petsmart, REI,Wayfair and 99 Ranch Market.

Epxress also explores the national service for Whole Foods and Costco. Consumers can make shopping at Costco with a bit higher price even though they are not membership of Costco.

It indicated that Express will focus on the business of daily necessities. But consumers can still place orders for temperature-controlled goods, such as dairy products, eggs and ice creams.

Forbes: It will suffer losses to acquire Twitter for $18 billion

Twitter board of directors will discuss a series of problems that the company encountered on Thursday, including the sales of its business, reported cnBeta. It has been rumoring that Twitter will be sold for some time. Wall Street analysts assumed it was just a matter of time that Twitter would be sold. Twitter share increased by 7% due to the statement of Evan Williams when he was interviewed by Bloomberg.


Robert Peck claimed the current capitalization value of Twitter is about $ 15 billion. If investors buy Twitter for a 20% premium, the acquisition price will be at least $18 billion.

The confirmed source claimed Alphabet, Facebook, Apple, Amazon and Microsoft are the potential offerers of Twitter. To Alphabet, if it added the real- time feed function of Twitter in search service, it would realize the cooperativity of cost and revenue.

To Facebook, it would realize the strategic match if it acquired Twitter. While Apple would expand Twitter’s current hardware business to social networking field. Amazon could strengthen its advertising business and Microsoft has great interest in online and advertising business.

Peck assumed that Twitter would not be sold in a short time. Firstly,Jack Dorsey has just worked as CEO for one year. Secondly, Twitter released several new services . Thirdly, Twitter board of directors is the backup of Jack Dorsey.

Forbes claimed in the article of Microsoft acquired LinkedIn, the acquisition price of Alphabet offer should not be over $1.1 billion even though the positive estimation for future cash flow. The faster Twitter revenue grows, the more it loses.

Forbes considers Alphabet management is a competent  housekeeper for company shareholders. The integration of Alphabet and Twitter will enhance the core profitability of latter. What Alphabet needs to challenge is to solve the imperfect business mode of Twitter.