Nest Labs will be merged to Google Internet of Things Department

Nest, a smart home brand which was acquired by Google for $3.2 billion in 2014. It becomes an unworthy brand to Google now. According to the confirmed source from Fortune, Alphabet will reorganize Nest Labs as a part of Google Internet of Things department.


Nest Labs is also a subsidiary of Alphabet. It is supposed to be treated as an equal like Alphabet treats Google. However, Nest Labs will be merged into Google.

Google Internet of Things department is led by Hroshi Lockheimer who used to be a senior vice president of Android department. He is responsible for the launch of Living House at present. The department will keep launching Google Home products after the merging. Google Home and Amazon Echo will compete for more market share.

Nest Labs developers will get payment from Google in the future. It is not clear how many Nest employees will stay so far. Alphabet spokesman has not responded to this commnent yet.

Nest Labs has been struggling for survial after the acquisition. Tony Fadell, co-founder and CEO of Nest Labs was kicked out in June. He was critized for rough management. Under his management, 50 employees of Dropcam which acquired by Nest left the company. They felt their creativity and innovation of excellent new products were destroyed.

Google placed high hopes on Nest Labs, however, it let Google down. Many of Nest products had serious quality problems and many refunds were made as a result.

Two years after the acquisition, Nest Labs encountered internal disorders. The resign of Fadell meant the end of its disorders.

Instagram installed capacity on Android devices reaches 1 billion

Facebook is a biggest winner in global mobile internet era. It has three apps that obtained one billion daily active users. It is reported that Instagram, a mobile photo sharing tool belongs to Facebook, obtained more than one billion installed capacity on Android devices.


Mashable reported that the downloads of Instagram at Google Play Store have been exceeded one billion.

It is worth noting that the downloads of Instagram do not mean its actual active users scale.

In mobile internet industry, it considers the monthly active users as its common user index instead of installed capacity.

However, this figure is just for Android devices. Instagram has become another popular app of Facebook plus the installed capacity of iOS devices.

Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp are both receiving over one billion monthly active users. Facebook becomes the biggest winner in global mobile internet era. These apps bring in a great amount of revenue for Facebook.

In June, Instagram announced it obtained 500 million monthly active users, and 300 million daily active users. Its monthly active users increased by 10 million month-to-month since last September.

1 billion installed capacity sounds a great figure as there were only 1.4 billion Android users in accordance with the data dated in last September.

Instagram has been in a monopoly position in net-citizen original video field of YouTube in terms of photo sharing and social networking field.

Instgram had been upgraded times this year. It re-designed the logo in May and released a new sort algorithm for photos.

It then added Stories content that learned from Snapchat in August. The posted photos will be disappeared in 24 hours.

Instagram has stable user growth and it is time to create revenue. Some medium reported that it started testing enterprise accounts so that enterprises can make marketing promotion by posting photos of items.

Mobile sales increase, Samsung Stock Price hits a record

CNBC reported that Samsung stock price hit a record in closed hour on Thursday. Up to now this year, Samsung stock price increased by 30%. Its market capitalization reached about $21 million on Thursday.


There are three reasons why investors feel optimistic towards Samsung business:

1. The revival of smartphone business

Its market share of smartphone started declining since 2014. It faced the competition among Apple and Chinese mobile brands. Galaxy S5 did not make a hit when it was released.

Its smartphone business went better when it released Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge in Feb., 2015. Then it continued to debut Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 Edge and Note 7 to iPhone.

By this Q2, the operating profit of Samsung IT and Mobile Communications departments increased by 56%.

Samsung claimed consumers has greater interest in Note 7 which was debuted in August than Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge.

2. The strength of components business

Though smartphone business is the most profitable in Samsung, the company plans to manufacture smartphone components and TV panels at the same time.

Samsung has been focusing on the investment of semiconductor, including the component offers for Apple and other companies. Besides, Samsung manufactures OLED for TV. The sales volume of semiconductor increased by 6% in Q2 2016.

3. Business reorganization

Its business structures becomes more transparent since business reorganization in 2014. Samsung Life Insurance announced on Thursday that it respectively acquired 8% of Samsung Securities stock share from Samsung Fire and Marin Insurance Co.

Google ends Hangouts Live and focusly develops YouTube Live

Google carried out measures to simplify its video broadcasting products recently. It announced to end Hangouts feature to concentrate on developing YouTube Live.


CNET reported that Hangouts is a webpage group chat & mobile chat app of Gogole. It is a chatting app that Google obtained most external users. Hangouts used to release a function called “On Air” which attracted some big features and stars to make live broadcasting with it.

Hangouts On Air was released in 2012, as a complement of Hangouts. Google aimed to strengthen the unique characters of its community so that it could be popularized to more users.

Online live broadcasting was not popular yet in 2012. Google made great effort on promoting Hangouts On Air. President Obama used to make Questions-And-Answer on google platform.

Google announced Hangouts Live will be out of service on September 12. It claimed some scheduled activities displayed on Hangouts will be transfered to YouTube Live.

YouTube Live is considered as the best live platform after the measurements made by Google. It decided to centralize all kinds of video sources on YouTube Live.

In fact, Hangouts Live used to belong to Google+. With the failure of Google+, Google abandoned this feature and spilt off its valued functions to launch independent mobile software, such as Google Photos and Hangouts Live.

Hangouts Live is the most important current chatting app of Google. However, Gogole relaunched two renew mobile chatting apps at 2016 Google Developers Conference.

Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp both obtained over 1 billion users, the users scale of Google Hangouts is far behind to reach that figure.

60% of Github employees work from home

Sam Lambert joined Github in 2013 and worked as a DBA and has been appointed as CTO. When he was interviewed by Derrick Harris last year, he explained how to use simple technology stacks to support over 10 million users and manage over 2,500 projects on Github.


He mentioned Github has a great telework team, about 60% of its employees work from home with the usage of Hubot to finish the projects.

Sam Lambert claimed Github speaks highly of Unix philosophy when it launches products and services. It carries out the simple technology to realize the multiple fundamental functions. It emphasizes on pragmatism.

Github website was established in 2008 on the basis of Ruby on Rails. It used simple technology stacks, such as C, Shell and Ruby when it was initially

With the development of Githud, it attracted several core developers of Ruby stack. Lambert stated Github offers much freedom to its engineers to launch products and services. They can try all new technology and remain a bit conservation during projects implement.

The job seekers must be competent with the position and agree with Github culture when it recruits employees. To recruit enough employees, Github allows them work from home. Some are even from oversea.

To improve the working efficiency of employees who are from different locations, Github utilize Hubot tool to finish projects. Employees can ask Hubot where the other parties are by chatting. Hubot can auto reply its city or specific floor of a building.

Hubot supports to receive dozens of commands, search MySOL status, switch on failures and delete database table as well as back up and copy files.

Besides checking MySQL status, Hubot is able to apply monitoring function, for example, it can make auto alarm when some server encounters failure.

Apples awards $200,000 for researchers to find loopholes

Apple announced at Back Hat Network Security Conference which held in Las Vegas on Thursday that it planned to award $200,000 for researchers to find security loopholes. Before then, dozens of tech companies carried out the similar incentive policies to find find out their loopholes.

Apple claimed this award event is initially for about 20 invited researchers who would help Apple to find the security loopholes in five fields. These 20 researchers were selected from the experts group who had found loopholes.

If researchers found security loopholes during the application to prevent unauthorized “Safety Launch” in the firewall when the iOS device is under charge, they will be awarded $200,000.

It admitted that it would take advice from other companies to limit the searching scale for loopholes. The spokesmen of other tech companies claimed they would just invite some of researchers in the first stage to find out the security loopholes if the event started.

Rich Mogull, analyst of security safety, stated that Apple would avoid dealing with a great amount of lower value of loopholes report by limiting the the participation of researchers. If Apple fully open this event, it will require a great investments on it.

Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Tesla, Yahoo all carried out the similar awarded policies. Microsoft has awarded with $1.5 million to its security researchers in recent three years.

While Facebook has an open awarded policy. It has awarded over $4 million to researchers in recent five years. The average award of researcher was $1,780 in last year. This March, it awarded $10,000 to a 10-year old child who found malicious code on Instagram.

Amazon employees increases by 47% in past year

Amazon recruited 85,800 employees in past year, increased by 47%.

employee increase

The whole workforce of Baidu is 46,000 employees. The increase of Amazon workforce is twice of Baidu workforce.

However, this employees increase doesn’t mean the ordinary full-time employees increase of Amazon. The new recruited employees are mainly serving for Amazon Logistics department.

“With the development of Amazon, the Order Fulfillment Online Center and Membership Service requires more workforce to accomplish,” stated Brian Olsvasky, Amazon CFO at Conference Call meeting last week. In addition, Fresh and one-day delivery membership services keep exploring, these departments needs more employees to deliver goods.

By now, Amazon has set up over 50 order Fulfillment Centers and hired over 90,000 full-time employees. This June, Amazon added some cities for its Fresh service. So far, the Fresh service is available in 10 regions such as Boston, Seattle, California and so on. It offers one-day delivery service for its membership in 11 cities around United States as well.

The statistical feature of employees is not covered by all its recruited employees and seasonal temporary workers. Amazon just introduced the Amazon Flex project to United States and United Kingdom which works similar as Uber does to recruit car owners to deliver orders in rush hours.

Olsvasky claimed that increase of workforce is lower than its payment increase. On this Monday, the market capitalization of Amazon beat XOM, ranked in the fourth of worldwide listed companies. In mid July, its market capitalization beat Berkshire Hathaway’s.