As is reported that Microsoft attempted to acquire Docker at $ 4 billion


DockerCon 2016 was held in Seattle last week. It was rumored that Microsoft had been attempting to acquire this 250-employee startup at $ 4 billion.

According to the confirmed sources, this acquisition failed as they couldnot come to an agreement concerning the price. One of the source claimed this rumor was a hot topic among starups and venture companies.

The potential deal destified Docker becomes the leader of popular vessel technology among startups. The mainsteam giants also pay more attention to this field. It attracted Microsoft who wished to acquired such technology. Microsoft also plan to introduce more vessel features for its Azure cloud platform.

Microsoft was one of the major sponsors of DockerCon 2016. At the DockerCon 2016, Docker released a pubic beta trial for Dockers for Windows.

With the reports of Microsoft acquired LinkedIn at $26.2 billion, Microsoft made it clear that it seeks for development by acquisition. Before it makes next move for acquisitions, Docker was taken into consideration. Besides, Microsoft will hold $ 100 billion cash by the end of this year.

Docker spokesman claimed that the company will make no comment on this news. Neither did Microsoft.

Microsoft showed its great interest in Docker and its vessel technology at DockerCon 2016. The fact that Docker becomes one of the most popular tech startups. It only has three years history and 250 employees.

Ben Golub, CEO of Docker, suggested its market value be equal to Vmware’s at DockerCon press conference. The latter is valued at $24 billion and its annual revenue reaches nearly $ 7 billion.

Docker is considered as a tactic among Microsoft’s plan. In the field of cloud service, Azure needs to avail of some technology to compete with Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform. The latters have their own vessel technologies, Google Kubernetes and Amazon EC2.

In terms of operating system, Microsoft plans to import Docker technology to Windows Server platform in order to compete with Linux.


Blackberry sold half of million mobiles in Q1, leading to $ 670 million net deficiency

Blackberry firm released the Q1 2016 fiscal earnings report on Thursday, whose revenue was $ 424 million by post-adjustment. The revenue was under expectation of analysts made. Its net deficiency was $ 670 million, while the net profit was $ 68 million at the same period last year.


Blackberry predicted the whole 2016 fiscal year would lose $0.15 per share by post-adjustment. Its share price once increased by 4.6% owing to this prediction.

At present, Blackberry have its business core converted to software from smartphone. In the first quarter, its revenue increase was promoted by software business. The software revenue in Q1 was $ 166 million, increased by 21% YoY.

John Chen, who acts as CEO of Blackberry, stated their business was efficient at analysts conference call meeting. The fact that Blackberry has made itself a software designing company.
John Chen told its investors, the primary mission of Blackberry 2016 is to make sure the equipment business makes profit. Blackberry will make a great decision concerning the equipment business development in this September. But Edward Snyder, analyst of Charter Equity Research, assumed Blackberry won’t look for buyers for its smartphone business.

In the first quarter, Blackberry sold half of million smartphones with an average price of $290 per set. John Chen revealed that it will debut two modes of low-end Android smartphones this July.

France strengthens the supervision of Airbnb

The French Supervision Department keeps holding caution attitude to Airbnd. It will strengthen the supervision of Airbnb.


Recently, the Parliament in France is disussing act which the landlord qualifications is forced to cancel by rental platform. The landlords who breaks the law might face with huge fines or even imprison. In 2015, about 20 landlord qualifications were cancelled.

Paris city hall enacted a reporting system concerning the illegal homestay. It built a public data website named where it would post the landlord lists who obtained the certification of renting over 4 months. In the meantime, the government encourages the citizens to report those illegal homestays.

According to Paris rule, the govenment agrees anyone who rent the local house within four months. As is mentioned above, the website listed 125 landlords who are able to rent their house above four months. While the registered Airbnb landlords are over 41,000, among 16,900 of them are commercial, reports The Guardian.

It was reported that Airbnb broke the local act concerning renting the homestays. Some were rented without notifying the landlords and some were rented over four months. The government strengthens the management of Airbnb. Besides, it started collecting city tax from Airbnb in Paris and Chamonix. From August 1st, it will add more 18 cities to collect city tax, including Aix-en-Provence, Ajaccio, Annecy, Antibes, Avignon, Biarritz, Bordeaux, Cannes and Strasbourg.

The well development of Airbnb made threats to some luxury hotels. Hotel News Now reported that, in the first half of 2015, the occupancey rate of Le Bristol Paris declined to 61.2% from 69.2%. Four Seasons George V also encountered a 5% decline of occupancy rate.

Euro Cup 2016 is a good news to Airbnb instead of hotel owners. The statistics showed that about 250,000 travelers chose Airbnb service to watch Euro Cup, among 36% of those travelers even rent apartments to enjoy football matches.

TestFlight updates: compatible with all Apple OS application testing

Apple just updated its application testing application TestFlight. Its update platform support all released new systems include iOS 10, watchOS 3 and tvOS 10. In the meantime, Apple just released new optimization and analysis tool for App Store which developers could download from iTunes Connect.


According to the statement posted on developer website, TestFlight is compatible with iOS 10, watchOS 3, tvOS 10 and so on. The updated TestFlight also support some new features such as SiriKit and tvOS notifications.

Apple reminded developers to notice that all testing package of iOS 10 includes a 3D Touch Quick Action feature. This feature allows testers visit the application feedback system on homepage which simplifies its mechanism.

If auto update feature is open, the resting version installed through TestFlight might be replaced by old verion locates in App Store. The firm will solve this problem till next update.

In terms of iTunes Connect, Apple added a new analysis tool to test the impressions of App Store. Developers can find their appliation icons displayed in Apple Store search result, Feature page, Top Charts list and how many visitors its website received. This tool can calculate the percent conversion anywhere in App Store.

Apple claimed that iMessage App feedback is yet to be supported by iTunes Connect. From now on, developers and testers could download TestFlight from App Store.

EX Twitter CEO acted as consultant for comedy Silicon Valley

The New Yorker revealed how ex Twitter CEO Dick Costolo acted as a consultant of a hit show Silicon Vally to make sure some plots become reality.


Costolo studied Computer Sciences in University of Michigan in last 80s. He had gifts in stand up comedies. He trained in the Second City Theatre as well. His acting career did not go smooth. Then he turned himself into programming techniques.

Costcolo was appointed as Twitter’s CEO in 2010. His first year income in Twitter reached over $ 10 million.

Three days after he announced to resign, HBO broad-casted the last episode of satirical comedy Silicon Vally season one. The show stated that a leading actor, an co-founder & CEO of a high tech company was fired by the board of directors. As a fan of Silicon Valley, Costolo found the plots was close to the reality. He said:” I could find the related plots in reality. The outgoing co-founder, the incoming CEO and indifferent employees.”

He told Kara Swisher, a famous tech report that many of his acquaintances loved Silicon Valley. Its sarcasm indicated the disgusting figures in technical filed instead of me. It happened that Swisher knew producers of Silicon Valley Mike Judge and Alec Berg and introduced them to Costolo.

Costolo applied his experience and advised the producers with details concerning the CEO’s responsibility and how the functional distribution inside. Which seat will the boss take in a big company? What will inspire an entrepreneur most and what will make him lose heart and so on.
Silicon Valley is now playing the season 3. It is one of the most hit shows now. It attempts to reflect the phenomenon of current social culture in Silicon Valley. It contempts the figures who crave for greatness and success and feels pity for the entrepreneurs to overthrow the technical giants.

Cortana is compatible with Xbox One to compete with Apple Siri

Apple Siri had been introduced to Apple TV platform in last autumn. Then Microsoft will introduce its Cortana voice control feature to Xbox One this summer. They are aiming at obtain more market share in TV filed.


So far, the voice control feature on Xbox One platform is still rigid. Users can only use the fixed voice command to control Xbox One. This situation will be changed soon. Cortana will provide Xbox One a natural conversational voice control feature.

While Apple introduced the similar feature to its Siri. Since the release of Apple TV 4 and Siri Remote service, it realized the conversational voice control through Siri. The latest Apple TV allows users to download all kinds of applications and services as Xbox One does. Then users use the mature game control features to play games.

The biggest difference between Apple TV and traditional Xbox one is the price. Apple TV is sold at least at $149, while Xbox One is sold at $ 299.

Microsoft announced at its official website on Monday that game consoles and media players will be added with the compatibility of Cortana. It will release the preview products in America, UK, France, Italy, Germany and Spain in succession. Its final update will be released by this summer.
Ironically, the name of Cortana is originated from Halo, however, Xbox One is the last product to support Cortana platform.

With the connection of Kinect, Xbox One will be in the listening status which means the the support of Cortana is automatically. On the contrast, Apple TV only receives users voice commands while they press Siri key.

It is said that Apple is updating Apple TV which is possibly equipped with its own Microphone and louder-speaker.

Snapchat daily active users reached 150 million, exceeding in Twitter’s

It is reported that Snapchat’s daily active users have reached 150 million which means this app exceeds in Twitter concerning the daily active users.


The popularity of Snapchat contributed to younger user’s promotion. Snapchat has been welcomed by younger users since its release. Its daily active users was 110 million in last December and increased to 150 million now.

In compared with Twitter which was established in 2006, its daily active users is under 140 million in accordance with Bloomberg’s data. Twitter as once the second giant after Facebook among the social networking app. It encountered difficulties for inadequate growth for new users. It has been exceeded by Instagram, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.

Quoted from the data of Twitter’s earnings report, it has 310 million monthly active users, however, it did not reveal its daily active users. Twitter claimed in last Q3 about 44% of monthly active users visit its website among the top 20 networking providers.

Twitter CFO Anthony Noto stated then the visiting portion kept stable. If this figure changes some day, it would release the related news.

Snaptchat allows users send selfies and video films which makes the communications more interesting. It also allows people to change profile pictures with FaceSwift software.

Jack Dorsey stressed at Recode on Wednesday that Snapchat’s news service is modern. He admitted that Twitter is struggling to solve the mess and lost some users. He claimed that the company is seeking ways to settle this issue.

Facebook Messenger plans to add encryption option for communications

To protect privacy, many tech companies encrypt data for their products. The Guardian reported that Facebook Messenger is soon to be encrypted for the chatting messages.


Mobile chatting app is the most popular applications for smartphones. Facebook has already dominated the global mobile chatting market. WhatsApp obtained more than 1 billion users and it has been encrypted to protect the communications.

Its another popular chatting app Messenger also obtained 900 million users. The difference between WhatsApp and Messenger is that Messenger was launched by Facebook. Facebook announced to introduce chatting robot on Messenger at the developer conference. It will allow users to book tickets or shopping by chatting.

As The Guardian reported, Facebook will encrypt Messenger end-to-end communications. The difference from WhatsApp encryption is that the encryption is optional to Messenger instead of by default.

The optional encryption is the practice for some apps, however, its security level is lower than the encryption by default.

The encryption mode that Messenger applies is similar to Google Allo which was released at Google I/O 2016.

Facebook did not confirm this news yet. If the apps apply the end-and-end encryption mode, the service providers such as Google and Facebook won’t be able to access the communication content. Even the police or agency require to the communication content, the service providers could refuse as the content has been encrypted.