Facebook leaked Tencent Satellite Wi-Fi plan

Facebook revealed that Tecent attempts to team up with NASA, CNSA and MDIF to finish the outernet project. It is said that Tencent plans to beam free Wi-Fi to everyone. In the future, anyone could access internet via Tencent WiFi Administrator on any devices.


There are only 2.7 billion people have access to internet in the world, accounting for one third of the global population. Many remote regions are unable to improve the communications infrastructure and build the relay towers.

Internet is proved to be the most important motive power to develop economy. Many of internet companies work hard to help more people access to internet.

As reported, MDIF launched the Outernet project in March, 2014 which completely changed the communications among people. It planned to help every one accesses to free Wi-Fi with the assistance of millions of satellites.

Google is positively working on the offer of free Wi-Fi to the public in recent years. It started the Google Fiber project in U.S. and Project Loon in many regions around the world. It teamed up with SpaceX to build space-net with the help of micro-satellites.

Facebook also works for promoting global Wi-Fi strategy. It built satellites and drones. It felt the solar drone costs fewer and has longer battery life comparing with launching a satellite. It launched Aquila solar drones and will be on trial in U.K. soon.

Tencent is the technical giant in China and it has millions of users. It is unclear that whether this news that Facebook leaked is true or not.

Tencent released the WiFi administrative app this year to help mobile users connect to WiFi faster and safer. Maybe this app has some connection with WiFi satellite.

Oculus Rift is criticized by charging too much



Oculus Rift was finally coming on Monday.It has been introducing by Oculus for a long time. When it was experienced by the users, the comments seemed flat.

The analysts doubted that Oculus Rift will act like the users expected. Will 2016 could be a prosperous year for VR technology?

Geoffrey Fowler, the Wall Street Journal staff commented:” Oculus Rift is a device that you hope your neighbor to purchase in 2016. You might wish to experience such device, but if you are not a big fan for it then don’t buy it.”

The reasons for the experts doubted about Oculus Rift: one is that it’s heavy, the other is too expensive. Oculus Rift requires to be applied with expensive PC equipment. The PC device that Oculus recommended is from Asus that charges $1,500.

Even though Mark Zuckerberg felt positive for the promising of VR technology, such technology is hard to be popular so far due to its performance.

Devindra Hardawar, the commentator of Engadget also felt Oculus Rift is expensive. He claimed that his experience of Oculus Rift was good but it needs to be applied with more powerful PC device.

USA Today Edward Baig is highly spoken of Oculus Rift. He claimed Rift let people to experience a new world. He admitted that the price of Rift is a bit expensive. It might attract more clients if Oculus readjust its price.

It still needs more time for people to accept such new technology. Facebook’s share price increased by $0.64 on Monday at NASDAQ, closing at $113.69. Its share increased by 7.3% in the past three months.

Apple Watch price cut is a good strategy for sales

Wozniak criticized Apple Watch last week as he felt like choosing jewelry to buy Apple Watch. Its prices range from $500 to $1,100. The difference among them are the different straps. To Wozniak, Apple Watch is a bit expensive and lack of creativity.


Apple announced to cut price for Apple Watch at its new products release event. Quoting from Apple’s idea, the purpose of the price cut is to attract more consumers to join Apple Watch family. Tim Cook claimed that Apple Watch is the best seller in smart watch industry.

It is a customary practice for Apple to cut price for its old version products. Regardless of the next generation Apple Watch is not come yet, Apple Watch has been went on the market for about one year. It is wise to carry out the price cut policy for Apple Watch.

It reminds us of iPod. Apple released it in the autumn of 2001 at $400. Its sales kept declining in the following years then. The old iPod was still popular even though Apple introduced the new iPod later.

It is worth noting that Apple Watch price was cut, however, the price for straps remain the same. During the new product release, Apple introduced several new Apple Watch straps. Apple encourage consumers to buy Apple Watch at cheaper price and make profit in its components.

It is a good news for smart watch fans. They could have more options to choose the one they like.

The popularity of Universal Windows Platform becomes a challenge

The release of Universal Windows Platform is one of hte most important&risky plans for Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella. UWP is a newly platform launched by Microsoft. This platform is made for developers to develop new apps on different devices.


UWP was mentioned a few times at Game Developers Conference held in San Francisco. It will be introduced at Microsoft Build developers conference later this month.

UWP allows the application that is edited by developer once to run on any Windows 10 devices, including desktop, iPad and smartphone. UWP will be soon compatible with Hololens and Xbox One.

Not every person loves UWP. Microsoft former CEO Steve Ballmer felt such platform isn’t practical. Tim Sweeney claimed that UWP is the most radical measure made by Microsoft. The developers are not so interested in UWP except Facebook and Uber.

Millions of developers are familiar with Microsoft’s old technology, but they are not considered to be accessed as the touch-screen devices.

If the developers are persuaded to use UWP on Windows 10 pc and iPad, it will be compatible with Xbox One and Windows 10 smartphone then. Developers don’t need to make many changes for their applications.

To developers, the release of each new device means the selling opportunity for its related application.

There are not many Windows smartphone users, why Microsoft launchesthe universal platform for it? Here announced last week that it is not worthy spending time and vigor to develop new Windows 10 smartphone applications. It will totally give up Windows 10 smartphone business.

There will be limitation for the popularity of UWP as users could only download it from Windows Store. Microsoft will charge 30% as its commission.

Microsoft claimed that it will introduce more details at Build conference later this month.

Packing box leaks: 4-inch iPhone confirmed to be iPhone SE

Confirmed source from Chinese supplier, the upcoming 4-inch iPhone is officially named iPhone SE as a packing box data provided.


He previously posted that its has two settings for space storage: 16GB and 62 GB. There are four colors for options, including, silver, grey, gode and rose gold. China is one of the countries that sells the first round of iPhone SE.

The body design of iPhone SE is similar to iPhone 6s which is in accordance with the previous prediction by the experts.

There are not full details of iPhone SE except its body design and screen size. The previous reports indicated that iPhone SE might apply A9 processor and be compatible with NFC and Apple Pay. It has 2GB RAM and equips with 1642mAh battery.

In addition, its resolution ratio for screen might be 1136 x 640, does not support 3D Touch pressure-sensitive technology. The front camera is1.2 megapixel and rear camera is 8 megapixel.

RBC analyst predicted the iPhone SE has some completement value to Apple as it provides chance to upgrade for those fans who love smaller size of iPhone. Its sales might be conservative as he predicted its annual sales are between 10 million units and 15 million units.

Nomura Securities also assumed its sales come flat. It estimated its first annual sales volume is between 10 million units and 20 million units.

Apple will hold a spring launch event for new products at PT 10 AM on March 21. It is supposed to debut iPhone SE and smaller size iPad Pro to replace iPad Air.

Samsung cuts R&D investment: headquarter streamlines 2,500 employees

The South Korean media reported that Samsung electronics cuts the R&D expense in order to get through a rough 2016. It is the first time that Samsung cuts R&D investment in 18 years.


Samsung made a great amount investments in research and development sections in the past. Samsung invested the largest amount of money in mobile business in 2015 regardless of its poor sales. It spent $14.1 billion for research and development, ranking second in global semiconductor industry.

It is reported taht Samsung electronics has cut 2,480 headquarter employees this year. It owned 99,382 employees by the end of 2015 which is down to 96,902 now.

Besides job cuts, Samsung closed some research & development centers, such as electronic materials research and development center and information application research and development center which locate in US.

The other offices also carried out the staff reduction plan besides the headquarter office. To improve its financial condition, Samsung cut the R&D costs.

Samsung has been attempting to increase revenue in order to get through financial difficulties. It applied Exynos 7420 processor for Galaxy 5 series to reduce the expense so that it increases the profit of components.

Samsung is exploring in VR industry and it launched Gear VR helmet. What’s more, it established the self-driving car technical apartment. It teams up with SEAT, SAP,BMW and Panasonic.

It also explored the oversea business by oversea mergers and acquisitions. Its oversea subsidiaries increased to 8 in 2015, 6 of them locate in US, 2 of them locate in Asia.

Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge made a hit when they were released lately. They were available in 50 countries last Friday. The statistics showed that their sales in South Korea reached 100,000 units two day ago.

Apple News will be transformed to open media platform

Apple did not reveal much of the application of Apple News and it doesn’t even release how many users it obtained.Fortunately, Apple announced early this week that it will open Apple News application to all of the people.


Apple will allow all of people to post contents on News when it upgrades the distribution agreement. This act is similar to the adjustment of Facebook Instant Articles. Users could post or upload or sync the contents and videos from blogs to News.

In the meanwhile, Apple offers a newly webpage edit portal. This tool is available for small medium and independent developers. Apple hopes the News could attract more developers besides the early cooperative partners and well-known medium.

Apple will renamed News as News Format for this platform. Users only need to edit the contents for one time, then it will be displayed on all iOS devices. This platform is also associated with the current content managing solutions. Apple did not reveal the detailed information yet.

The News Format has different features with its previously tool News Publisher. News Publisher has been testing since its release. It is only available for Apple’s cooperative partners. But News Publisher will offer data analysis panel for publishers. Therefore, the publishers who post contents on Apple News could check some useful data, including independent reading section, page-views, shares,likes and reading durations.

It was reported that Apple News will display the native advertising that shares the same format with ordinary content.

Sony PlayStation Vue charges $30 for 55 channels per month in US

Sony has world-class studio entertainment business in US besides its excellent consumer electronics business. It launched the internet tv service in some cities one year ago. Lately, Sony announced that it will promote this service across the United States. The monthly payment adjusted from $ 50 to $ 30.


As we all know, more and more consumers abandoned the cable television no matter in China or in US. Most of them prefer to watch videos or channels online. There are a great amount of internet tv service suppliers in United States, Sony included.

VentureBeat reported that Sony’s internet tv service “PlayStation Vue” will be available across the country in US soon. The bottom charge for monthly fee is $30, and 55 channels are available. If consumers pay $45 per month, they could access to 100 channels.

This service has been served for a year. It charged $50 for 50 channels per month. The public criticized that Sony charged too much. Most of US internet tv service suppliers charge from $15 to $30 per month and offer under 30 channels.

It is apparently that Sony noticed the public feedback. It decreased 40% of the charge for each month. It is worth noting that Apple is planning to launch its internet tv service. It claimed to charge $35 for 35 channels per month. Sony’s price-off promotion gave a hit for Apple’s plan.

The cable television is more expensive in US. The total fee could be accumulative to $100 each month. Some consumers feel unnecessary to use some binding services and unhappy with that.

The PlayStation Vue is available to record the shows and copy and save them into cloud service. The service is also compatible with PS4,PS3, Amazon Fire TV stick and Apple iOS devices.

Steve Ballmer: be nice with Linux

15 years ago, Microsoft ex CEO Steve Ballmer claimed open Linux as “Cancer”. His attitude becomes softer with Linux recently.


At a dinner party organized by Fortune magazine, Steve Ballmer claimed that his standpoint was right then. Linux makes less threat to Microsoft now.

He added:” Microsoft obtained reasonable income through this competition. It consolidates the leading role of Windows system and means a lot to Microsoft’s revenue.”

Microsoft becomes softer with Linux recently. Last week, it even announced that it will sell the SQL Server which is compatible with Linux.

Ballmer is happy with this act. He emailed Satya Nadella for supporting this decision. He pointed out at the board last December that the company should carry out information transparency policy. He felt that the revenue and profit of each department should be transparent.

He was appointed as CEO in Jan, 2000. The scientific shares declined sharply in the following years due to the destroy of internet bubble. During his term, Microsoft stock price declined by over 40%.

While Microsoft share price increased by over 50% since Satya works as Microsoft CEO in Jan., 2014.

Satya made great achievement during his term. Ballmer considered one of the reasons for his success is change of market sentiment.

Ballmer admitted that the friendship with Bill Gates is no longer close. He enrages in doing yoga after he left Microsoft. He feel it is amazing to do workout, meditation and relaxation.

LinkedIn stock price declined sharply : be cautions of bottom fishing


According the article posted on www.fool.com, it claimed that LinkedIn stock price declined by 40.8% in February. The investors found that its share price accumulative declined by 56 % in a year by the end of February.

LinkedIn released its Q 4 earnings at first week of February. It did not mention the WallStreet expectation though its revenue and profit was beyond the company expectation.

However, the management group submitted a disappointed 2016 fiscal prediction. Its stock price dropped 44% the next day.

Steve Sordello gave three explanation for the performance last May. First, the company faced the pressure of the change of exchange rate like any other US companies that expand in oversea. Second, LinkedIn made adjustment for its business pattern at that time, it took time for its sales team and clients to know the new products. Third, the company acquired Lynda.com at $1.5 billion. The acquisition made some impacts on the company’s overall business.

The management group did not take the exchange rate into consideration for the affected elements of its future performance in February. Sordello pointed out the current global economy makes great pressure for the revenues in European and Asian regions.

The operation condition of LindedIn sounds pretty well during the rough market. Its revenue increased by 25.5% in the past 4 quarters. The investors concern more about the profit, and its return keeps declining.

There will be bounce for its stock price, but we don’t know when. Its stock price dropped by a lot, however, the investors still should be cautions of bottom fishing.