Facebook will close its Parse platform in 2017

Parse is a suite of toolkit and support system that aims at developers’ launching. Parse was acquired by Facebook at $85 million in 2013. Facebook planned to avail of this platform to become a real Cloud provider to rival with Amazon, Google and Microsoft.

Parse’s co-founder Kevin Lacker announced that they will close down the Parse service by Jan 28, 2017. He mentioned that they were proud of Parse for helping many users to create the excellent mobile Apps. But they need to focus their concetrate on other aspects.

This news surprised the public. Parse SDK added the feature to support Apple TV and Apple Watch some time ago. However, Facebook did not move Parse to its data center after the acquisition, using the Amazon service instead.

It is not a easy job for data transfer. But Parse will try to make the transder easier. Parse will keep maintain the backstag service and offer some toolkit to help the developers to transfer data in a year. Parse has alread released two toolkits so far.

One is for data transfer that allows Parse applications to move to MongoDB database. Parse API will be able to run on the new database during the transfering process. The Parse applications don’t have to end the operation.

Another is Parse Server. Users can use it to run mostly Parse API on their Node.js server. The developers are able to create their Parse service.

The Q4 2015 earning report of Facebook showed, 80% of its ad revenue is coming from mobile devices. Facebook might change its strategy and layout on mobile devices.

Former PR officer Natalie Kerris might join Twitter

It is reported that former Apple PR officer Natalie Kerris will join Twitter to work as PR supervisor.


As reported, Natalie Kerris meets Twitter officer regular to negotiate with position. If she takes over the PR supervisor position, she will report her job to Vijaya Gadde instead of CMO Leslie Berland. Vijaya Gadde will take over the position of Gabriel Stricker who is working for Google now.

Natalie Kerris resigned in 2015. She joined Apple 14 years ago. She was responsible for the releases of popular products, such as iPhone, iPod, iPad, iTunes and MacBook Air. She even helped Apple to promote Apple Pay and Apple Watch.

Kerris was promoted as one of the candidates to take over Katie Cotton’s post, however, Steve Dowling was appointed as the temporary executive to manage the PR division.

Natalie Kerris has rich working experience before she worked for Apple. She once worked for BMW, Deutsche Telekom, HP, Claris and Netscape. Many people predicted where she will go after she announced the resignation. It seems that she might choose Twitter.

Apple is also recruiting new talents at the same time. It attracted Jamie Carlson, Megan McClain and Vinay Palakkode to join Apple. What is more, Apple confirmed that it recruited Doug Bowman for launching VR products.

LG smartphone performance suffered deficit in past fourth quarter

CNBC reported on Jan 27 that due to the depression of television industry and weakness of smartphone industry, the annual turnover of LG decreased in 2015. LG is now seeking for new business in new industry, such as car business.


The trading profit for LG in the fourth quarter in 2015 was about $301.88 million, increased by 27% (YOY). Its annnual trading profit came to $1.03 billion, decreased by 35% (YOY). The revenue of 2015 declined 4% as well.

LG claimed that electric appliance and air-conditioning business become its major parts. Their sales revenue increased lightly. However, the revenue of family entertainment business declined a bit due to the affect of global television andexchange rate. LG predicted that its OLED tv and super HD 4K tv will be accepted by more consumers this year.

Its sales volume for mobile business in the fourth quarter was about $3.26 billion. The ring growth was 12%. LG delivered 59.7 million smartphones in 2015, while it delivered 59.1 million in 2014. Its operating deficit in the fourth quarter was 44 billion Korean Won, while it suffered 78 billion Korean Won loss in the third quarter.

LG implied that there will be more smartphones come high end with reasonable prices in 2016 which will lead to hit competition in the smartphone industry. The new smartphone models with competitive price would help the company to improve the sales.

Two of senior executives left Twitter again

It is reported that there are adjustments inside the Twitter’s management group. Its chief of global media business Katie Jacobs Stanton and supervisor of product team Kevin Weil resigned their posts.


The news revealed that Stanton and Weil have no plan to join other companies immediately yet, but they might look for new cooperative companies. Their posts will be taken over by other senior executives. Twitter spokesman did not confirm this news yet.

In the past few weeks it has been rumoring that Twitter would make adjustments in the management group. It reported that Twitter planned to announce the reorganization tomorrow, including the appointment of CMO.

Twitter never announced the resignation of executives before, such as resignation of Gabriel Stricker and Ali Rowghani.

Stanton used to work for Google and Yahoo before she joined Twitter, while Weil worked for Cooliris. Weil was highly respected since he joined Twitter. They both joined Twitter in 2014.

Stanton faced much pressure from restructuring the media division to rival with Facebook and Snapchat. Weil had fewer rights since Twitter cut jobs last October. He was responsible for Moments.

General speaking, Twitter is facing hard time to its senior executives. It tries hard to attract more consumers and obtain the support of investors.

Twitter’s share price was affected by this news, decreasing under its listing price. The experts and public concern for its prospect.
There might be a big change for its management group. It will appoint new HR manager as well.

Morgan Stanley: iPhone sales volume will perform better in the second quarter

The latest reports concerned iPhone sales seem negative. Many of the analysts feel its sales volume would decline in the first quarter as it did in the last quarter (YOY). They assume such situation will last till the end of this year.

iPhone sales have never encountered the deline on the year-on-year basis. Most of the revenue and profit that Apple earns is from iPhone. Therefore, the decline of iPhone sales volume seems to be a bad sign to Apple. Apple share price decreased by 8% this year, while 20% since last December.

Morgan Stanley estimated Apple has potential to make a bright turn for this situation in the second quarter. It reported that the downturn of iPhone sales volume would end in this quarter and increase lightly next quarter.

Morgan Stanley the launch of 4-inch iPhone 5e in April will attract more fans to buy iPhones in this spring. Till September of 2015, iPhone 5e brought extra 15 million units’ sales volume for Apple.

All the iPhone predecessors ahead 2014 were 4-inch screens. To rival with Samsung Galaxy series, Apple released bigger screen iPhones.

Nikkei news reported Apple might cuts 30% of its iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s plus shipments in the first quarter that led to a great reduction of its share price. Apple suffered a great loss due to this news. WallStreet analysts readjust its target share price.

iOS 9 accounts for 75% of the market share among Apple mobile devices

According to the latest statistics report, iOS 9 operating system accounts for 75% of the market share among all of the Apple mobile devices. In other words, there would be three installed with iOS 9 among four Apple mobile devices.


The statistics showed it only took four months for iOS 9( including iOS 9.1 and iOS 9.2) to obtain 75% of the market share. It is no doubt that it made a great performance for a new OS. iOS 8 took about six months to obtain the same market share then.

Such statistics were collected from the devices are being used provided Apple App Store . It is customary that Apple could periodically reveal its app statistics so that its APP or gaming developers could modify their products based on the feedback.

On the contrary, its predecessoriOS 8 received fewer share market as iOS 9 received more market share. So for, the market share of iOS 8 declined to 19%, while its predecessors are worse, accounting for 7% total. You might find that Apple focus on its mobile OS much.

Apple users are not so fond of iOS 7, iOS 6 and iOS 8. Their performance went flat. It offers opportunities for iOS 9 to obtain more market share. What’s more, iOS 9 takes up only 1.3GB. It is about one third of iOS 8’s.

Worldwide PC contraction reached 8% in 2015, China declined 4.7% in 4Q15

Gartner released the survey concerned worldwide fourth quarter and worldwide annual PC market share on Tuesday. It report indicated that the worldwide PC contaction reached 8% in 2015. The contacted range in the fourth quarter was up to 8.3% .

worldwide pc

The worldwide PC shipments were 75.7 million units in the fourth quarter that decreased by 8.3% (YOY).The annual shipments were 288.7 million units in 2015, declined by 8% (YOY).

Gartner estimates worldwide PC contacted range will decline to 1% in 2016. What is more, the worldwide PC shipments will lightly increase in the second half of this year.

In the fourth quarter, Lenovo’s shipments contacted 4.2% which was under the average industrial contraction.Its worldwide PC market share was 20.3%. Its sales performance did well in the north America market.

HP shipments contacted 8.1% , Dell contacted 5.1%, while Asus was 3.2%. Gartner statistics showed Acer group did worse. Its contaction in the fourth quarter was 11.2%.

Apple’s shipments increased lightly in the fourth quarter. The shipments reached 5.68 million units, increased by 2.8%. However, Apple’s market share only accounts for 7.5% in the worldwide pc market.

In the Asia-Pacific market, the worldwide PC shipments were 26 million units, declined by 1.5%. Gartner reported that consumers did not buy new PC just because of the release of Windows 10. The publishers focus on profit rather than shipments. They specialize in promoting gaming products.

China PC shipments contacted 4.7% in accordance with the Gartner report.

The six major enterprises in China obtained 73.1% market share in the 2015. While they just accounted for 70.45 in 2014.

In terms of the market share ranking in 2015, Lenovo came first with 19.8%, HP was second with 18.2%, while Dell obtained 13.6%.

Chris Hughes met his Waterloo in the investment of New Republic

New Republic is a popular magazine that established in 1914. It was acquired by Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes in 2012. It met his Waterloo in the print market after investing $20 million. He decided to transfer this magazine to external corporation.

New Republic was named as the cabin magazine for Air Force One which is exclusively served for United States presidents. This magazine is well-respected. Hughes claimed he could activate the business by using iPad version. However, this plan had never realized. It is reported that Hughes is looking for new buyer for this magazine.

new republic

Hughes posted an open letter to his New Republic employees on a blog platform, claiming that it is time for New Republic to obtain new management group and development plan as he invested $20 million and much of time and energy.

The strategies that Hughes made for New Public had caused controversies in the public. Two of editors left New Republic in 2014, then more editors and writers left during the brain drain. Its CEO Guy Vidra claimed they would transform New Republic from an old and traditional print media to an integrated digital media company.

It is reported that New Republic was deducted from 20 issues to 20 issues. It moved its headquarter from Washington to New York city.

The print newspaper and magazines face the great impact from mobile internet and smartphone. Many of the newspaper and magazine companies were shut down in 2015. Some print medium have to transform to internet medium.

12 amazing devices showed up at CES 2016

There are impressed devices showed up at CES 2016. Twelve amazing devices are selected from CES in Las Vegas.


Stanley Smart Measure Pro: This smart tap can measure the height, width, and area of the object without putting out the metal tape. It is an application that available to connect with the smartphone. Its coverage area can reach 450 inches.

Here earphone: It is on-ear earphone. It could offset the background noise to make sure the fidelity. It enhances the effect of low-pitch and high-pitch voices.

Livestream Movi camera: It allows users to stream a real-time event,even from a single perspective of the ultra wide angle camera. For example, you could only select the face of a singer or edit the video directly on your phone or iPad.

Stack smart LED bulb: it will be able to adjust the brightness automatically due to different periods of a day and track the moving.

Gogoro electric scooter: It looks like a scooter. It is green and easy to use in the smart energy filed.

Vivint Ping camera: Applied with a brand new camera. A light press on a button could send a dymanic email to the receiver. A quick alarm will be activated then.

Securifi Almond: It is another home security product in DIY market. It could monitor the house via the sensor, power socket and other devices, as well as a WiFi Router.

One2 Touch SlimType keyboard: It allows you to type quickly. It will synchronized conntect to other devices by availing of NFC.

Horizon Hobby: The drones are popular as FCC allows you to register the drones. Horizon Hobby works similar with drones. It will enter a Spiral model and stay for a while on theair under the panic situation.

Ember coffee cup: It makes your coffee in a temperature groove.

LaCie Chrome: It is popular Fast Flash Disk with an amazing mirror. It looks like a work of art bringing back from salon.

Boogie Board Scribble and Play: This handwriting pen was designed for the children. It is normally written with off-line plastic pen.

How much Apple senior executives earned in 2015?

Apple submitted the report to SEC on Wednesday, showing the remuneration of senior executives had been increased in 2015, Tim Cook included.

Apple's Tim Cook delivers the keynote address at the Worldwide Developers Conference, Monday morning June 8, 2015, at the Moscone West convention centerin San Francisco, Calif. (Karl Mondon/Bay Area News Group)

Tim Cook

The total remuneration of 2015 for Tim Cook was $10.3 million, including $ 2million annual salary, $8 million bonus, other cash bonuses, $ 3.1 millionstock award and about $ 281,327 subsidies . His total remuneration increased by 11.5% (YOY).

The report indicated that the net revenue and operating profit realized excellent performance. Each senior executive was awarded with bonus.

Luca Maestri

Luca Maestri was appointed as CFO after one year he joined Apple. He earned $25.3 million as the total remuneration in 2015 which was doubled (YOY). He was awaded $20 million stocks, $ 4 million bonus and $148,544 traveling reimbursement.

Angela Ahrendts

Ahrendtz earned highest pay among the senior executives two years ago. He worked for Burberry before he joined Apple. He got $73million payment for the first time. His total remuneration in 2015 decreased to $ 25.7 million. His basic annual salary was $1 million, stock award was $20 million, bonus was $4 million and traveling reimbursement was $ 474,981.

Eddy Cue

He earned $ 25 million as total remuneration in 2015, including $20 million stock award, $ 4million bonus. He becomes one of the highly-regarded senior executives since 1989. He is responsible for iTunes, Apply Music and Apple Pay.

Dan Riccio

He also got $1 million annual salary, $20 million stock award, reaching a total remuneration at $25 million. His earnings in 2015 was nearly the same as he did in 2014, but was 10 times than he earned in 2013.

Bruce Sewell

Sewell joined Apple in 2009 and is in charge of all Apple legal affairs. His total remuneration of 2015 was $25 million too.