Adobe: Black Friday online sales volume increased by 18%

According to Adobe statistics, American online sales volume for 2015 Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday reached $4.47 billion, increased by 18% on year-on-year basis. On Thanksgiving Day, the online sales volume was $1.73 billion and $2.74 billion on Black Friday, reported VentureBeat.

blackfriday (2)

Adobe collected the online sales details from 4,500 online retail stores with the help of Adobe Marketing Cloud, including 80% of transaction data Top 100 Amercian retail stores.

Adobe suggested that 33.2% of 2015 online sales volume were from mobile devices while it was 27% in 2014. There was no doubt that the sales volume of iOS devices were higher than Android devices during the Thanksgiving season.

On Thanksgiving Day, the total sales volume for moblie devices reached $639 million, iOS devices accounting for 71% while Android accounting for 28%.

On Black Friday, the total sales volume for mobile deviced were $905 million, iOS was $670 million (74%), and Android was $230 million( 25%).

To specify, iPhone platform reached $368 million, Android platform reached $180 million, iPad platform was $302 million, while Android iPad was $50 million. iOS takes up more market share than Android’s in United States. iOS users spent much more than Android users.

Adobe also reported some details concerned Black Friday’s promotion. The average discount was 24%,email promotion increased by 25% on year-on-year basis. Door Buster sales accounted for 40% of the total sales volume.

The social media propagation force increased by 25%, the mentions reached 4 million times. Amazon social media offered half of a million mentions, ranking as 1st.

The most popular electronic products on Black Friday were Samsung 4K TV, Apple iPadAir 2, Microsoft Xbox One, Apple iPad Mini and Sony PlayStation 4.

Adobe also found that many items were out of stock on Black Friday, especially the tools of Star War.

Google released Top questions on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Day is coming. American citizens are on holiday for Thanksgiving. It is apparent that shopping is one of the important thing for their life during this holiday. Delicious food come to their mind most.


Google released the top questions on Thanksgiving that people search most. It is not doubt that turkey is hot for its search. “When was the first Thanksgiving” ranked first on the list of Top questions on Thanksgiving.

” When did Thanksgiving become a holiday” and “Why did the pilgrims celebrate the first Thanksgiving” ranked as second and third on the list.

Speaking of top trending n Thanksgiving recipes, “how to cook turkey”becomes the question that users search most.”How to measure the turkey for each person” followed second then “ how long it takes to cook the turkey” came with third.

You might find the recipes of cranberry Relish, mashed potato, Peach Cobbler, Lasagna and stewed beef on the top trending Thanksgiving recipes. It is surprised that pumpkin pie, pumpkin roll and stuffing did not show in the list.

Roast, Smoke, Fry are the most searched methods to cook a turkey provided by Google. It is a holiday to spend quality time with families. Delicious food are necessary for such holiday.


WSJ confirmed Apple Pay will come to China next February

Apple Pay made deal with the four major Chinese national banks, including Industrial and Commercial Bank of China. It is reported that Apple Pay will be available before the Spring Festival comes.


The Wall Street Journal confirmed this new from informed source that Apple Pay will be introduced to Chinese market some day in February, 2016.

The sales volume of iPhone was better than American market in the second quarter. It sounds there is great potential to obtain more market shares for binding Apple Pay to iPhone.

The Wall Street Journal claimed that it is not easy to explore in payment market in China. Visa and Mastercard have been ambitious to march to Chinese market, but they just got the license this May. UnionPay has two strong international competitors. In China, the trading platform is dominated by Unionpay, Alipay and Wechat payment.

Apple has never revealed the income from Apple Pay and its cooperated banks and card issuers keep this confidential. The public guesses Apple would charge 0.15% of each transaction for commission. If Apple Pay has large enough users and transactions, its commission will be considerable.

Tim Cook claimed that they have confidence with Chinese market at the conference of last earnings. The firm will keep investing in China. Besides introducing Apple Pay to China, Apple plans to open a series of Apple Stores in China.



Samsung grants $50 to users for Samsung Pay registration

Samsung works hard to promote its mobile payment platform Samsung Pay. According to a promoted news posted on its website, Samsung will grant a $50 gift card of Best buy to those users who register Samsung Pay account.

Samnsung aims to avail of this promotion to attract more Samsung Pay users. This promotion will last by the end of 2015. Its target users are mainly using Samsung Galaxy S6, S6 Edge, S6 Edge+ and Note 5.


Samsung Pay rivals with Apple Pay. Users can apply Samsung Pay on the mentioned smartphone devices. It avails of NFC function and credit card to make payment for the goods.

Samsung introduced its payment to American market. Apple obtains great market share there as its home field advantage.

Samsung claims that it obtains one million Samsung Pay users in Korea. Samsung teamed up with Best Buy to promote Samsung Pay this time in the hope of attracting more American users to pay attention to Samsung Pay there.

Apple previously reported that Apple Pay obtained over one million registered users for the first three days after its release. Since then, Apple did not reveal more details concern the exact amount of Apple Pay users.

The competition becomes intense for the payment apps. It takes time to see how Samsung Pay works there.

Will Apple take over Box or DropBox next year?

To obtain more enterprises market share, Apple and IBM embraced as partners last year. They were strong rivals in the past. Apple might take over a cloud storage company which focuses on enterprises business to expand its market in the future.

According to the a predicted report made by CCS Insight( the British market research agency), it mentioned Apple might take over the famous cloud storage company Box or DropBox in 2016 so that it could extend its business to more enterprises.

In fact, Apple, Box and IBM are teaming up together. Apple focuses on offering services to large-scale enterprises, government departments and educational institutions to experience better cloud computing service. Box is smaller scale than DropBox. DropBox specializes in private users and uses its own date center.

From the latest industrial statistics, the most satisfying cloud storage companines among the American small and medium-sized enterprises, DropBox, Google Drive and Apple iCloud rank in top three. iCloud won the NPS at 62 scores, the NPS of DropBox and Google Drive come as 54 scores and 50 scores.

It is worth noting that CCS Insight also pointed out Apple might be able to convert the default search engine for Mobile Safari from Google to Microsoft Bing by the end of 2017.

Facebook management group realized $472 million cash-out within a month

According to the documents that Facebook submitted to SEC on Wednesday, it indicated that Facebook management group and its board of directors sold off shares valued at $472 million since October 18.


Among the shareholders who sold off shares, Jan Joum realized the largest amount for cash-out. Jan Koum and other co-founders established WhatsApp in 2008.

When Facebook achieved the acquisition of WhatsApp at the expense of 419 billion, Jan Koum obtained partial cash and some Facebook’s shares. This was the first time Jan Koum sold off Facebook’s shares since WhatsApp’s acquisition.

Mark Andreessen, board director of Facebook sold off about 1.5 million shares, adding up to $160 million cash. He already sold off 73% of his Facebook shares and 90% of his A shares since October 30. In 2013, Mark Andreessen sold off 1.65 million A shares of Facebook, obtaining $91 million.

Andreessen became the advisor of Mark Zuckerberg in 2006 when Yahoo wished to purchase Facebook with $ 1 billion. He suggested Zuckerberg denied Yahoo’s offer. The suggestion he offered was priceless to Facebook. The market value of Facebook is over $290 billion.

What’s more, CPO Chris Cox and CTO Michael Schroepfer realized $25.8 million cash-out together during this time.

Facebook released earnings early this month, showing its revenue reached $4.5 billion in the third quarter.

Its share increased $2.64 on Wednesday on NASDAQ stock market. The increase rate was 2.51%, closing at $107.77.

The amount of Indian Internet users will be ranked as top 2 by December

IAMAI and IMRB International released a report concerned 2015 Indian Internet access. The report predicted that the amount of Indian Internet users will reach 402 million by this December. This figure increased by 49% and it will surpass the amount of American Internet users, ranking as top 2 in the world.

It took 10 years for India to popularize its Internet access from 10 million to 100 billion, three years to double its users from 100 million and one year to increase its users to 400 million from 300 million.

Internet becomes the mainstream in India. It is a good news for the digital industry in India.

The report suggested India will be ranked top 2 by December for the access of Internet users. China has over 600 million people accessed to Internet right now, ranking as top one in the world.


The report pointed that 71% of Indian Internet users are males. Its female users only account for 29%. The increase rate for male users is 50%, while the increase rate for females is 46%. Urban Internet users by male and female is 62% : 38%. The urban female users increase rate is 39%, while 28% goes to male users.

In rural area, 88% of Internet users are males. The female increase rate is 61% there, while 79% goes to males.

The reported addressed 32% of its Internet users are college students, and 26% of Internet users are young people.

It is worth noting that 69% of its Internet users access to Internet each day in October, increasing by 9% in comparison with the same period last year.

General speaking, only 37% of males access to Internet each day, while it only accounts for 23% for females. There are 75% of Internet users access to Internet at least one time each week.

In the urban areas, its mobile Internet users increase by 99% in comparison with the same period last year. The amount of Internet users reached 197 million people. And its Internet uses for rural areas is expected to be 87 million people.

The report suggested there will be more 11.4 million Indians access to Internet next year, two-thirds of them wish to surf the Internet with cell phones.

Apple SIM debuts in Japan

Do you have any expression for Apple SIM? It was introduced alongside with the release of iPad Air 2 in last year. Apple SIM allows user to switch to different network operators with ease.

apple sim

Apple announced on its official website that Apple SIM debuts in Japan today. Apple SIM supports KDDI internet connection. KDDI teamed up with Apple via its brand named AU. Users can also buy Apple SIM from its retail stores in Japan from now on.

So far, Apple SIM partners for network are including AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile that are from United States, EE from United Kingdom and GigSky which covers over 90 countries.

As KDDI internet supports Apple SIM, the Japanese retail stores started selling Apple SIM there. Before Apple SIM is introduced to Japan, it was sold in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, United Kingdom, and US Apple Stores.

It is convenient for oversea travelers to use Apple SIM. The users can switch to the local network operator base on their locations. They don’t have to buy local sim cards instead during their journeys. Because of the limitation of localized operators, the supporters for Apple SIM are under expectation.

iPad Air 2, iPad mini 4, iPad mini 3, and iPad Pro are all pre-installed Apple SIM for consumers in the mentioned countries above.

Will Google launch its own Android cell phone?

It is reported that Google might launch its own Android cell phone to make its Android system more competitive.


Google will not team up with mobile manufacturer to launch the new phone as it did like Nexus series. Google might take page from Apple to develop its own processor on the basis of Android system so that it could manufacture cell phone.

The Information reported that Google senior management group is discussing on the strategy concerns self-developing cell phone. Google did not announce other details on its website.

Google sold Motorola mobility at $2.91 billion about two years ago. But it reserved most of Motorola’s patents in order to apply in Android system.

All the Nexus series are made by HTC, LG, Motolora and Huawei. Nexus cell phones are similar to those made by their cooperative manufacturers. Nexus 6 shares great similarities to Moto X, while Nexus 5 is similar to LG G2.

Android cell phone market is composed by thens of thousands of components. Those components are made by thousands of manufacturers. OpenSingnal claimed that there are over 24,000 Android devices using OpenSignal’s applications in 2015, making by 1,300 manufacturers.

Google has necessary to launch its own Android smartphone in order to design better devices and control the Android smarpthone share.

It is reported that Google has negotiated with the chip manufacturer concerned the launch of Android cell phone chips. The chips that will enhance Android devices’ function.


Apple releases Android Apple Music


Apple released Apple Music application to Google’s Play Store on Tuesday.

Apple released the Apple Music application in this June, but this application is just supported on Mac, iPhone and iPad devices.

This Android Apple Music is the sedcond round application launched by Apple. It is for Google’s Play Store application and the first and important version made for Android devices.

The first version that Apple made for Android application is called “Move to iOS”, it allows Android users to update the data to new iPhone with easy.

Apple Music is also a way that Apple rivals with other music streaming media services such as Spotify, Amazon Music and Pandora. To the Apple Music subscribers, they will be able to listen to 30 million songs.

Its subscription fee is the same as other music streaming websites’, its charging standard is $9.99 per month for Apple Music.

If the subscribers pay $14.99 each month, it allows maximum six people to share one account at the same time. In the meanwhile, Apple Music owns its online broadcasting station service called Beats1.

The Apple devices users do not show great interests in Apple Music since it has been released. There were previous reports indicating that Apple Music has vulnerabilities and is short of distinctive functions. Apple is unwilling to abandon the released music streaming media service.