Apple’s OS X EI Capitan available to download for free from September 30


Apple’s new OS X update comes to the public.

Users can download the OS X EI Capitan for free from September 30. The update version had been on a public beta for two months and the company promised that performance improvements and refinements have been made.

Craig Federighi claims that EI Capitan modifies the Mac experience and enhances performance in some ways. A great difference has been made in comparison to its predecessors. He continued that the company has received great positive feedback from the beta.

It reports that EI Capitan made improvements to Spotlight, for instance, it updated the natural language search and adjust the resize-able box to move around the screen.

Safari updated a Pinned Sites feature and improved the ability to reduce audio in browser tabs. Regarding the redesigned Mail app, it allows users to delete messages with a light swipe in iOS.

There are also improvements made by Windows management. It enables users to auto-arrange windows by pulling them to one side and go full screen by dragging them to the top.

The system updates a new Notes app that allows the users to drag photos and files into. The new Notes app syncs with iCloud. What is more , it enhanced improvements to Photos, checklist and a new Attachments Browser.

Mac runs Metal with OS X EI Capitan that allows the software developers to avail of a range of new effects, coming to benefit Mac gaming.

Google Now update on iOS and Android performances better

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Google has updated its virtual assistant Google Now. The modified version of Google Now on iOS and Android makes it a better listener when operating.

Google Now’s new neural network acoustic models allow the system to catch your voice under a noisy environment. This feature helps to enhance the competitiveness with Siri. With the new acoustic models, it will be very userful when you are in the public environment.

Google has updated its service in order to make voice search faster and more accurate. It is expected to get more relevant results to guide users’ way to reach the destination quicker.

The update is releasing to the Google Now apps for iOS and Android system. It is said that it will be also updated to the dictation mode on the Google operating system.

Google Now technical teach stated in a blog post that the new acoustic models are currently applied for voice searches and commands in the Google app on the basis of dictation on Android devices.

The Google Now update requires lower computational resources. Other features come as the new model are more accurate, robust to noise and it responds to voice earch queries quicker. To those who use Google Now often, why not have a try to experience the update one?

The Apple Watch helps to save an American teen’s life

Apple Watch’s features had bee considered as smartwatch, notification provider and fitness tracker. A new feature of lifesaver has been listed recently as the Apple Watch helped to save an American teen’s life.


Paul Houle comes from Massachusetts and he suffered chest and back pain after a football training session. Then he used the Apple Watch to keep tracking on his heart rate.

When the Apple Watch statistics showed his vital signs reached at an alarmingly high 145bpm for two hours after the football session, he went to the hospital. It turned out he was diagnosed with rhabdomyolysis which was triggered by exercise that can cause muscles to deteriorate and seep proteins.

Being in an interview from CBS San Francisco, Paul Houle told the reporter that he was dehydrated and his muscles started to break down and release a protein into his blood stream which led to his heart, liver and kidneys all to shut down.

Pual Houle spoke highly of Apple Watch’s life-saving capabilities during the interview.  Apple CEO Time Cook made a personal call to Paul shortly when he heard about his story.

In addition to this, Tim Cook promised  to give Paul Houle a new iPhone 6S as well as an offer of a summer internship with Cupertino-based company.

More than 50% of Apple devices update to iOS 9

According to Apple’s schedule, it will roll out iPhone 6S to the public on September 25. The devices will be able in stores then. Since it released iOS 9 last Wednesday, many of its fans are eager to update their existing devices to iOS 9.


Apple indicates that iOS 9 has been run on more than 50% of all its compatible devices, attributing to iOS 9 becomes its most-downloaded operating system.

Apple marketing chief Philip Schiller addressed that the feedback from the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus went positive. They look forward to introducing they most advanced iPhones ever into the public starting this Friday.

iOS 9 has make a good start. It was downloaded by more users in such a short time than its any other software release in Apple’s history.

iPhone 6S will be available at retail stores at 8am on September 25. Apple firm suggests its customers should arrive the retail stores early so that they don’t have to wait in a long queue to experience the new devices.

The Apple fans may experience the long queues at Apple Stores on iPhone launch day. Some of then even camped outside its stores the night before. Can you image that?

You will also be able to purchase the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus through authorized Apple resellers and EE, O2, Three, Virgin, Vodafone, and other proved carriers.


YouTube Gaming introduces Android streaming for its users


YouTube Gaming is going to introduce Android game broadcasts to compete with Twitch in the live streaming arena.

YouTube found out Twitch, the market leader of games, does not do much to attact the mobile gamers even if it offers the odd iOS stream for its users. Therefore, YouTube would like to seize the opportunity to introduce the Android streaming for its users.

YouTube gaming and Twitch will make competition for which video service will be better in the streaming stakes. As for YouTube gaming, its Android streaming will allow Android users to broadcast their play sessions live on the app. There will be many of the Fallout Shelter and Crossy Road videos posted the service soon.

YouTube has announced the Android support for its gaming and it also made confirmation that the company will explore its streaming service market in Japan next. YouTube has made a great success in US and UK for the Android streams.

YouTube Gaming works as standalone experience seperate from the main YouTube platform. It is consisted of pages for each game title and channels from game companies and YouTube conten creators.

The company doesn’t make a clear statement when Android streaming will come to the market. It just implies this serivce will come soon. To those gaming fans, they will welcome a different experience.

UE Boom 2 Bluetooth speaker is 25% louder than its predecessor

Ultimate Ears unveiled its flagship Bluetooth speaker line- UE Boom 2, featuring louder, rangier and more waterproof than its original original Boom.


The update was made based on the success of the original Boom. It packs new gesture control options and allows you to tap the speaker to play and pause or double tap to skip tracks. The UE Boom 2 is useful when you can not access your phone.


UE Boom 2 looks similar to its predecessor,and it is designed with a new acoustic skin. The update even plays nice sound with the wet stuff with carelessness.

It makes not much effect to the functioning of UE Boom 2 if it submerged in up to one meter of water under 30 minutes, owing to the certification of IPX 7 levels inside and out. Its beneath the skin where the real changes are hidden away.

It applies a new speaker array that allows the UE Boom 2 is 25% louder than the original Boom. It plays 360-degree sounds. The company also upgraded its wireless range to twice as much, allowing connection arocss 30 meters.

Users can put the UE Boom 2 into a bike’s bottle holder or to a tripod. The battery life for the speaker can last for 15 hours on a single charge and play excellent sounds when it is connected to additional speakers.

The UE Boom 2 supports the iOS and Android-friendly app. It plays the sound as double volume when you set it as an alarm.

It offers several colors for options and it will be available at the retailers’ stores later this month at reasonable price.

iPhone 6S pre-orders are now live

If you have been waiting for the release of iPhone 6S,you can make pre-order now so that to snap up the Apple’s latest mobile device before it has been released to the public.
Apple open the pre-orders virtual doors on September 12. The extra eager fans might be able to experience the latest handset by now through the pre-order service. They can use and experience the new system in advance as iPhone 6S will be offered in-store availability on September 25.
Apple also offer the pre-orders for iPhone 6S Plus. So iPhone 6S is not alone in the pre-order listings.
They were added a new pressure sensitive 3D Touch display and 12-megapixel camera into a body which are a bit similar to last year’s iPhone 6.
The prices for iPhones 6S come with the offerings repsectively at £ 539 for 16GB, £619 for 64GB, and£699 for 128GB. While iPhone 6S Plus will cost a bit more with the same trio of storage options priced up at £619, £699 and £789.
iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus both offer four handset color options for the customers to choose, coming a new rose gold, traditional silver, gold and space grey color schemes.
If you would like to know when you could buy the pre-order iPhone 6S, you can check out the iPhone 6S deals from its official website.

iPhone 6s will be officially released on September 25

Apple has confirmed that iPhone 6S release date will be on September 25. You don’t have to wait too long for its debut. It will compete with Samsung Galaxy S6 which had been released.

From part of its formal unveilling on September 9, Apple announced that iPhone 6S which comes wtih 4.7-inch, Force Touch display-packing will come to the public in the following weeks, on September 25.


Apple will also release the 5.5-inch iPhone 6S Plus with iPhone 6S. The UK prices for these two handsets are not comfirmed by the firm yet.

Before Apple releasing iPhone 6S/ 6S Plus, it will introduced a new software iOS 9 first. It is comfirmed that Apple will bring its debut for the existing iPhones and iPads on September 16.

If you are too eager to wait for experiencing iPhone 6S follow-on till September 25, then you can place iPhone 6S pre-order trail this Saturday, on September 12.

Customers can may pre-orders through Apple’s online store. And iPhone 6S/6S Plus will be accessed from the company’s high street locations, third party retailers and all manner of networks at the end of this month.

iPhone 6S has a pressure-sensitive display, features an enhanced 12-megapixel camera, reinforced body and a new option of rose gold color.To those fans of iPhone handsets, they will be able to experience its new features soon.

Netflix wants to power in-flight entertainment via introducing a streaming service in airplanes

Netflix is going to win the dominate stance in the skies as it will introduce its own on-baord entertainmen options for the passengers. The journey will be more interesting on the planes then.

Even though having once again denied the notions of adding offline viewing, Netflix, the world streaming giant has announced that it is seeking ways to upgrade netflix service so make content asscessible in at least one Wi-Fi free environment-aircrafts.

Netflix’s chief product officer Neil Hunt told the reporter that they are not planning to offer offline mode serive so far. He said it is far more important to solve the problem how the passengers distribute content on an airplane.

They will put off the offline mode proposal. Hunt added there are two avenues for the company could pursue to achieve a new era of fun flights.

They are working on the new version of Wi-Fi in plans. It is Netflix’s next goal. Hunt continued that they will also work on the other option to fit the whole of NetFlix into a specific size of box so that it could be fix on a plane.

Instead of having their existing rack of eqipment that shows the crappy tittles you may find on the plane, you will find the nextflix on it instead.

Hunt suggested that they could deliver a really compelling experience on a plane with the new upgrade for the service. And they are still working hard on this issue.

If Netflix will release the new streaming service soon, then the passengers will be able to get chance to watch House of Cards or Orange is the New Black when they take flights during the journey next time. But it still needs some more time before it is coming.

There will be more disccusions going on different levels for this proposal. Netflix has no specific plans for this point at the present.

Hunt clams that the new streaming service won’t come true so soon. It may need to one more year. There will be chanllenges to realize it.

iPhone 6S measures in bigger and thicker

It has been remoured that iPhone 6S measures in length and height will be bigger than iPhone 6. It possibly results in the modification of its frame and the accomadation of Force Touch.

MacRumors has posted a set of images of iPhone 6S prototype to verify the rumors. The iPhone 6S is reportedly 7.08mm thick, compared to 6.9mm iPhone 6, as well as 0.09mm taller with a 0.68mm increase in width.


The images also unveiled iPhone 6s meassures in length and height, respectively with 138.19mm and 67.68mm, compared to iPhone 6 with 138.1mm and 67mm. Those figures shows the measures of iPhone 6S is bigger than its predecessor.

Guo Mingqi, KGI securities’anylst predicted iPhone 6S measures this June that its height and width would be increased with respectively 0.15mm and 0.2mm. Even though his prediction is not so as accurate, it really told us the new generation of iPhone has an overall increase in size.

This is an overall increase of 3%, which might not sound like a lot, but it is enough to show that the iPhone 6 cases will not fit for iPhone 6S. Its predecessor’s case is too small to fill the latest version.

It is reported that iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus will be released on September 9 in San Francisco.